Focus Areas

Community Building and Education

umpstart the creation of communities and quickly build their effectiveness. On our website, we will provide:
  • Proven tools, techniques and a collaborative infrastructure
  • Education policy related news
  • Organize workshops on topics related to education

Voter Outreach and Civic Engagement

Our Bay-Area-wide Vote for Our Future campaign is focused on increasing civic engagement and voter turnout of the parent, student and larger communities for the November 2010 elections and beyond. Our goals are to:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of the education crisis
  • Encourage parents to join us to have a stronger voice, to ensure that education issues are a top priority for elected officials
  • Mobilize parents to get-out-the-vote


Education, community building and leadership development will culminate in parents taking action on systemic and large-scale changes that affect statewide and federal education reform. This advocacy will include:

  • Legislative action, including support for voter ballot initiatives or legislator-sponsored bills
  • Lobbying local, state, and national candidates to support our education platform

Leadership Development

Provide opportunities and tools for parents to take on leadership roles and make changes at the local and state level. We will identify and create opportunities for parent members to become parent leaders in their communities and ensure that education remains a high priority at all levels of government.