IMportance of Parents And Children Together 


IMPACT stands for the IMportance of Parents And Children Together.  Nearly every month we hosted an IMPACT event and invited all our Lawson families to attend.  We had great success with these this year.  Events were very well attended and we received lots of positive feedback from parents.  

Each event focused on core components such as literacy, math, and/or science.  Staff, parents, and students learn and play together.  Students and parents leave with a bag of activities that can be used to review or enrich skills that are taught at school.  

Parents Arriving and Signing in During our Dec. IMPACT Event 

Getting the Word Out

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  • Family Fitness Night
  • Literacy Night
  • Math and Science Night
  • Summer Kindergarten Readiness Ideas
What we have learned: 
  • Make them family friendly
  • Carnival Like 
  • Family friendly time 
  • Analyze your calendar 
  • Make the time important