This site is created to help new preemie moms (and Dads).  We hope to offer guidance, hope, and advice at a time of fear and uncertainty.  My son, Noah, was born at 26 weeks weighing just 2lbs 1oz.  He spent 11 weeks in the NICU.  He is now a happy, healthy three year old!  If you have any information to add to this site please feel free contact me .


- Get a few primary nurses (nurses assigned to your baby whenever they are working).
-Ask questions as many times as you need to so that you understand what is happening with your baby.
- Be an advocate for your baby.  If something doesn't seem right, speak up.
- Take every day one at a time.  There will be good and bad days, that's why it's called the NICU rollercoaster.
- Take lots of pictures.  Take weekly pictures next to a marker, stuffed toy, etc to measure growth.
- Keep a journal or calendar, refer back to the good days often.
- Celebrate little milestones.
- Ask what you can do to help your baby.  Once they are stable you can often change diapers, take temps, etc.
- Rest and take the time you need to take care of yourself.
- Attend NICU support groups if available.
- Ask for help from others if you need it.
- Start a blog to keep friends and family members updated, and to give yourself something to look back on when your baby is older.
Don't watch the monitors, watch your child.  It helps you to enjoy your baby more.


Terms used in the NICU :

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Preemie Message Board:

A comprehensive Web site that provides information for parents after the NICU:


Articles and resources empowering parents of children with disabilities and special needs: http://www.childrensdisabilities.info/

Information and support regarding reflux

  Information and resources regarding retinopathy of prematurity (ROP):

Letter explaining RSV to friends and family:

Informative preemie blog :

Guide for gross and fine motor skills and development games:

Isabell's Gift, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families with children in the NICU:

Preemie baby book template to commemorate your child's time in the NICU:

Request "Please Wash Your Hands Before Touching Mine" stroller sign:


Early days

Preemies: The Guide for Parents of Premature Babies
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Kangaroo care: the best you can do to help your preterm infant
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Emotions and psychology

Early passage: a journal for parents of preemies
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Development of premature babies

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Breastfeeding your premature baby
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Breastfeeding the infant with special needs
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Stories by parents

Coming to term: a father's story of birth, loss, and survival
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Healthy sleep habit, happy child
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Communication and speech development

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Long-term medical problems

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Hydrocephalus : a guide for patients, families and friends
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ADHD in the young child : driven to re-direction : a book for parents and teachers
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Behavioral intervention for young children with autism : a manual for parents and professionals
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Pediatric tracheostomy home care guide
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That's my child : strategies for parents of children with disabilities
by Lizanne Capper (April 1996)

Living with a brother or sister with special needs : a book for sibs
by Patricia Vadasy and Donald Joseph Meyer (November 1996)

*Each NICU has different requirements about when babies can be dressed.  Please check with your NICU before buying micro-preemie clothes.
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