2010 revision of the contract

posted Feb 17, 2010, 8:54 AM by Dale Wisely

I've made a few revisions to the latest version.  The most significant is the addition of a section establishing rules for the young person's riding with other teen drivers.  I've struggled with this issue for years.  Jumping in the car with a bunch of other teenagers is a very dangerous thing.  But, it's something that doesn't lend itself to enforceable, hard-and-fast rules. 

I wrote a full contract about this, designed for parents of kids age, say, 14-16 and had it posted here for a couple of years.  Unlike the main Teen Driver contract, I just don't have any evidence that it got much use.  

But those rules are available to be pulled out of the contract as needed.  And, the suggestions  for dealing with this tough issue remain here.