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This contract and all the information on this website is provided as a public service to parents of young drivers. Please do us two favors in return.  

(1) Drop a quick email to let me know you have used it, or plan to use it. Or use this handy form thingy. And tell me where you're from. It makes us feel good to know people are out there!  

(2)  Pass on the address ( of this website to at least one other parent. Or post a link to this site on facebook. Or send a Twitter thing. Please help spread the word.

The contract comes in 2 forms. Parents may use one or the other or--our recommendation--use both.

The first version is long and rather detailed. It's about 6 pages.  The second version boils the most essential content down to just more than one page.  The second version also includes a little pocket guide you can cut out with scissors and post in the refrigerator, dashboard of a car, or where ever you think it will help serve as a reminder of the most important parts of the contract.

If that doesn't work, try this:

In the table below you'll see links to the detailed version and the brief version, each in Rich Text (.rtf).  If you're still unable to retrieve these documents please email me and I'll get them to you in a form you can use.  If necessary, I'll print it out and deliver it to your house on horseback.

 Version  Microsoft Word

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New!  Our "Key Points Reminder Card."  Yep, we're giving it away, just like everything else. Click here.  

Listen, it's been fun.  I wish you all the best!   And Safe Travels for you and your family!

Dale Wisely, Ph.D.

Fans Praise Our Contract!

Some of my favorite hate mail, plus a nice note.

"Dr. Wisely, your stupid driving contract is obnoxious."--Ohio teenager

Well, he's got a point. It's not stupid, but it does border on obnoxious. As another teen once said to me, it's "obnoxiously detailed."

"Obviously, you hate teenagers." -- Anonymous teenager

Ah, well. I've met a few who get on my nerves, but for the most part, I really enjoy teenagers. Enough to try to help them stay alive.

"Why can't adults respect teenagers enough to leave us alone!!"--Teen driver in Florida

There's a grain of truth in this complaint. I've always argued that adults ought to respect teenagers more. Of course, that wouldn't mean that we 'leave them alone' but we do need to consider the value of behaving more respectfully toward teens.

hey u tool, f*** you, you f***ing fat a**. i will f***ing kick your white a**. To me your Dr. Bulls**t. Why would u make this stupid contract??? My dad found it and he's making me sign it. i realy appreciate you making this contract NOT you old piece of s***  -- Location unknown

Oh, dear.  Well, I am portly and pretty much white. So, once again, there's a grain of truth here. By the way, to date, he's not found me and kicked my white a**. But there's still time.

 "I'll bet I'm a better driver than you are, you old fart!"--Teenager in Alabama

Called out by a teen from my home state!  Roll Tide, there, my young brother!

"Even though I don't really
like it, what you're doing is a good idea and I appreciate your good intentions." --Mature and discerning youth from Charlotte, N.C.

I've actually had a few nice notes like this from teenagers, which I appreciate. (I appreciate them for their rarity.)  But, I do suspect that a good number of teenagers appreciate their parents caring enough to do a contract.

I am a teen from Florida, I don't have my permit yet but whenever I do get my license, I would love for my parents to do this for me. I would never want to do anything to get myself involved in a crash and this contract would be a great reminder to be safe! Hahaha, I support this thing all the way!

I admit there's a part of me that wonders if this nice note from a teenager is sarcastic!

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