Being Firm

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What is at stake here?

If you keep this in mind, and remind  yourself of it regularly, you can endure a lot of the tactics your teenager will use to try to get you to "loosen up." 

Let's be blunt.  Among other things, what is at stake here is knowing that you have done all you can reasonably do to avoid burying your own child.

Let your child know you are not willing to allow them to drive a car that you own and are responsible for until a contract is signed.

Be willing to say "no" until the agreement is reached.  No driving, no license, no car.  

With my own daughers, I was willing to NEGOTIATE some points.  I didn't want to be too inflexible.  I didn't want the contract to be so restrictive that they weren't able to get out and drive which, at some point, is the only way a new driver gets to be a better driver--by experience.

Get the learner's permit as soon as possible and pack in as much supervised driving experience as you can.

Hold firm on the essential rules.  

What's at stake here?

You have to keep asking yourself:  What's at stake here?

Four teenagers, including 2 sisters, were killed in 2008 near Birmingham, Alabama while driving to go horseback riding.  The wind blew off a hat and the driver was backing on the shoulder to retrieve it.  He lost control and swerved into the path of a truck.
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