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My name is Dale Wisely. I have been a child and adolescent psychologist for 30 years.  

The purpose of this website is to convince parents of the need to take teenage driving seriously and to take steps to reduce the risk of their children being in auto accidents.  Among these steps is a parent-teen driving agreement.  This website has one you can use and it's free. It's in wide use and has been written up or mentioned in several major news outlets.  It's free. Seriously.

from THE WASHINGTON POST on this website

"So early this month, my wife and I sat down at the kitchen table, with our daughter seated in the middle. She read the "Driving Agreement" out loud, word for word. My wife and I wanted the 10 p.m. curfew to be in place for six months; my daughter wanted two months; we compromised on four. We made new rules, such as "call when leaving and/or when arriving." In the end she initialed each page, and we all signed the contract."

--Manoj Jain, M.D., writing in the
Washington Post

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