Giving your children space to grow

It is no doubt that parents love their children and will do anything for them even if it means moving heaven and earth for them, it is also a fact that most parents miss their kids when they away and do almost anything to keep them close such as restricting them from certain activities like having a sleep over at a friends house or going to the mall but what effect does that truly have on the child in question?



It is also proven that children need space to grow, they need to make mistakes in order to learn, they have to live life in order to know what life is and they have to just be babies, kids or teens in order to grow, as parents we want to protect them and keep them safe but restricting them for what ever reason can only make the problem worse in more ways then one for example, take a wild animal like a lion what happens when you cage him up?



The out come all depends on the amount of time the lion stays caged and one of 2 things are bond to happen


1)      in the sort period of time the lion is caged it tends to become more wild and longs the day he will be free again, the first chance he gets to escape he will not only take it but also try to get as much revenge as he possible can which in some ways teens do the same


            Once they get the taste of freedom they never want to let it go and they try to     cover up for lost time, so what would you say is better to cage them up or give             them a little freedom?


2)      the second thing that could happen is very sad, the more the lion stays locked up the more he will loss his will the survive and the more he will give up hope that he will ever be free again. what is the point of calling him a lion if he does not act, feel or look like one? Some kids are not much different the more they stay caged the more they start to fear the real world and what good is saying they alive if they not truly living?



Give your children a little space to grow no one is saying let them run free after all the do need to be controlled but they do not need to be caged for any reason what so ever