Welcome Parents, and Gamers!

Now that those of us from the Nintendo Generation are starting to become parents ourselves, my wife and I notice a rather gaping information hole.

While there are many great sites providing in-depth reviews of the thousands of video games out there, none to our knowledge provide the information that parents really want to know.

My wife and I have designed this site to bridge the gap between  video games and parents, so that you can get the information you really want from the perspective of people who are parents, and people who love video games.

While the ESRB rating system is handy, it's descriptions for why games get their ratings are rather vague, and are hardly as inclusive and well known as say, movie ratings.
Many people know what to expect from a Rated-R movie, but do you know everything to expect from a video game rated "T"? Didn't think so...

So allow us to cut through the hype and the propaganda for you, and give you the information you need as a parent to make an informed decision and maybe,
help bridge the gap not just between parents and video games, but between parents, and their kids, after all...

The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together!

Ash and Angel
PVGR Founders