Content Review: Seven Daughters and Seven Sons by Barbara Cohen

by Barbara Cohen

In an ancient Arab nation, one woman dares to be different.Buran cannot -- Buran will not-sit quietly at home and wait to be married to the man her father chooses. Determined to use her skills and earn a fortune, she instead disguises herself as a boy and travels by camel caravan to a distant city. There, she maintains her masculine disguise and establishes a successful business. The city's crown prince comes often to her shop, and soon Buran finds herself falling in love. But if she reveals to Mahmud that she is a woman, she will lose everything she has worked for.

Sexual Content and Language:

There is no sexual content or language in this book.  There are some scenes where the main characters are feeling romantically attracted to each other.  During part of the book, the prince thinks Buran is a boy, but suspects she is a girl and is feeling attracted to her.  

Did I like this book?

I REALLY LOVED this book!  I ended up reading ahead of Kit, even though we were supposed to be reading together.  This was such an imaginative way to write a book.  The first 1/3 is written from Buran's point of view, the middle 1/3 is from the Prince's point of view, and the last 1/3 is back to Buran.   Very exciting and a good romance, too!  Great read!!