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Content Review: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Review by:  Andye

Intended audience:  YA                                              Age of main character:  16

                    Sequel to Uglies

Tally's transformation to perfect and popular including her totally hot boyfriend is everything she always wanted. But beneath the fun and freedom something is wrong and now Tally has to fight for her life because what she knows has put her in danger with the authorities.


Sexual Content:




        -The Primitive Uglies talk about killing people from other "tribes" for revenge

Other Notables:

     -The new pretties party every night, getting drunk and sleep in all day with hangovers.  This is done because they are all "brain-damaged", and Special Circumstances wants to keep them distracted and stupid so they will be complacent and stay unaware.
    -The new pretties eat whatever they want, then use "calorie purgers"
    -Some of the pretties find out that injuries help them get their memories back and they start cutting themselves.
    -p.253 "The longer she stayed alone out here, the more Tally understood why the Rusties and their predecessors had believed in invisible beings, praying to placate spirits as they trashed the natural world around them."
    -Some primitive Uglies thought the pretties were gods.  p.262 "God, he'd said.  The old Rusty word for their invisible superheroes in the sky."
    -Tally lets the primitive Uglies believe that she is a god.

Did I like this book?

I loved this book!  I find the entire storyline completely fascinating.  It's so interesting to think about what might happen if we were to take any belief system to the extreme.  This book does that, not only with our idea of beauty, but also with environmental issues.  What would it be like if we became so "green" that we forgot that we are a part of nature and this world?  What about being so afraid of war that we make people unable to fight, or have strong opinions?  Pretties shows us that extremes in any direction is dangerous.  There are so many concepts that can be pondered that it would be easy to forget to tell you how exciting this book is!  Just like the first book in this series, Uglies, I was completely hooked.  There is so much adrenaline pack into these pages that I could hardly put it down.  I think I may have even liked this book more because Tally was much more confident, and less self-absorbed in Pretties.  Tally finds herself questioning all the things she's been told about looks, the environment, and the people who lived before her.  I love that she didn't waste time worrying about things she couldn't do anything about, but did all in her power to change the things she could.  The one downside is that, once again, the book ends with a major cliffhanger.  Good thing Specials is already out!


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