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Content Review: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

by Stephenie Meyer                                                   Review by:  Andria

Intended audience: YA                                Age of main character:  18

                    Sequel to Twilight

When the Cullens, including Bella's beloved Edward, leave Forks rather than risk revealing that they are vampires, it's almost too much for her to bear, but she finds solace in her friend Jacob until he is drawn into a cult and changes in terrible ways.

Sexual Content:

-There is no sex in this book

-There is some sensual kissing, but not as much sensuality as Twilight, as Bella and Edward are separated most of the book.

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-p.29 Bella tumbled down onto the floor. She put her arms out to catch her fall but landed in jagged shards of glass, causing blood to run down her arm. She looked up from the bright red blood into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous vampires.

-p.209 Bella is watching a movie. In the opening, four people get blown up and one gets beheaded. Blood squirts twenty feet out of one guy. A flagpole spears another into a concrete wall.

-p.279 Bella knows that Victoria, a vampire seeking revenge against her, is coming for her. Something scratches against her window with a high-pitched sound. A huge, dark shape wobbles erratically on the other side of the glass, lurching toward her like it is going to smash right through. It is Victoria. Bella knows she will die!

-p.326 Jacob instantly exploded, burst out of his skin, with cloth blasting up into the air as he turned into a huge werewolf. He, with others in his pack, attacked another pack. They snapped and tore at each other, their sharp teeth flashing toward each other's throats.

-p.359 Bella flung herself off the cliff. She screamed as she dropped through the air. Gravity twirled her in spirals as she was crashing toward the earth. She sliced through the surface of the water and the current caught her. Waves were fighting over her, jerking her back and forth.

Other Notables:

-The first half of the book is focused on Bella's extreme emotional distress about being left by Edward.  For months she sinks into a depression.

-p.37 Bella feels that Edward is like her in his beliefs that God and heaven exist...and so does hell. But Edward doesn't believe there is an afterlife for his kind, meaning vampires.

-p.439 In desperation to get to Edward before he is murdered, Alice steals a bright yellow Porsche.

-p.419 Edward thinks his girlfriend, Bella, is dead. His friends know he doesn't want to live anymore. They are frantic to get to him since he has gone to Italy to confront the Volturi, an organization of vampires who will probably kill him.

Did I like this book?

I loved all of these books!  The first time I read this, though, I was so preoccupied with where Edward was that it was hard to appreciate the book for what it was.  On her blog (, Stephenie says this:

 "When the advanced reading copies began to fall into the hands of my fans, I asked people read New Moon twice, promising that I would explain why later. It's later, and this is why: the first time through New Moon, I've found that readers are so anxious about the absence of Edward that they can't settle into the middle portion of the book. They skim and speed read and flip ahead until, at last, they find him again. However, at that point they've missed the main section of the novel almost completely. On a second reading, knowing that Edward will return to the story at the proper place and time, the reader can slow down and enjoy the wondrousness that is Jacob Black."

This is exactly what happened to me.  After reading New Moon again.  The thing I really appreciate about these books, besides the fact that they are so fun to read, is that they are not full of sex and teenage partying.  Edward is a fantastic hero, who is a virgin and wants to stay that way until he is married, and he wants to protect Bella's purity also.  That's not something you see very often in YA books, especially of this genre.  Thank you Stephenie!


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