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Content Review: Leven Thumps by Obert Skye

 by Obert Skye                                                                                   Review by: Amy
Intended age range: 8-14                                  Age of main character: 14
Two teens, a small, furry "sycophant," and a talking toothpick try to prevent evil forces from destroying two worlds in this lighthearted fantasy. "Foo" is the world from which all dreams come, and the villainous Sabine wants to find the gateway from there into our world. This would destroy both worlds, so the reluctant title hero and his magical companions try to prevent it. The complicated plot unwinds through a playful narrative that tries, often unsuccessfully, to mix humor and suspense. There are some funny moments, but many attempts at comedy seem forced or distracting. An urgent race to Germany includes some clever plot twists, as when Leven's friend Winter uses her ice-creating power to turn an ocean into a road, but their quest never becomes truly exciting. When it turns out that the ominous "Shadows" under Sabine's command can be dismissed by a simple hand clap, it's mildly amusing, but detracts from the sense of true danger that makes an involving adventure. Leven's self-doubts and changes of heart are almost tedious, and there's little chemistry between him and Winter.
Sexual Content: 



Very minor
Other Notables:
  • The main character is an orphan
  • The lazy out of work uncle drinks alcohol
Did I like this book?
Adult characters are mean, dull, and unattractive, which results in some Dahl-like humor (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but soon gets repetitive. Despite some solid humor and an occasionally intriguing plot, there's not enough cohesion or consistency here to make this a rewarding fantasy.

I gave this book a 5 out of 10