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Content Review: Everlost by Neal Shusterman

(The Skinjacker Trilogy) By Neal Shusterman                                                                                          Review by Andye

Intended Audience:  YA                                        Age of main characters:  15

Blog Review

 Nick and Allie don't survive the car accident......but their souls don't exactly get where they're supposed to either. Instead, they're caught halfway between life and death, in a sort of limbo known as Everlost: a shadow of the living world, filled with all the things and places that no longer exist. It's a magical, yet dangerous place where bands of lost children run wild and anyone who stands in the same place too long sinks to the center of the earth.  When they find Mary, the self-proclaimed queen of lost kids, Nick feels like he he's found a home, but Allie isn't satisfied spending eternity between worlds. Against all warnings, Allie begins learning the "Criminal Art" of haunting, and ventures into dangerous territory, where a monster called the McGill threatens all the souls of Everlost.  In this imaginative novel, Neal Shusterman explores questions of life, death, and what just might lie in between.


Sexual Content:


    -A boy and girl kiss twice








Other Notables:

-The Everlights are child ghosts, trapped in-between life and wherever they’re supposed to go after death.

-There’s talk of whether there’s a heaven or hell, and if the light at the end of the tunnel led to Jesus or Buddah, or the light in a delivery room.

-One of the boys died with a cigarette in his mouth, so he has it forever and it never gets smaller.

-Mention of Nirvana or Enlightenment

-Allie learns how to possess people


Was it any good?

Yes, my family really enjoyed this book a lot.  We listened to it on audiobook, which I also recommend as the reader did a pretty good job.  It was different than any other book that I have read, and there were lots of interesting characters and plot twists!  Fun book!



7 out of 10




Reading level: Young Adult

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (November 10, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1416997490

ISBN-13: 978-1416997498