Daughter of Smoke and Bone Content

Sexual -
- A few innuendos for sex/sleeping together
- Karou lost her virginity to Kaz earlier in her high school years
- some kissing throughout the book
- A quote " Is it weird that I am turned on by a Marionette?"
- A quote " Oh Hell, Must. Mate. Immediately."
- A quote " Don't put anything unnecessary into yourself. No poisons, chemicals, fumes, smoke, alcohol, needles, no inessential penises either."
- Heavy kissing in one scene, laying on top of each other
- Madrigal had wondered what it would be like to have sex with Thiago, since she was pure and had never felt like making love before
- Madrigal has sex with Akiva (Adults) no detail, just implied. The book says that they were laying on top of their clothes giving themselves to each other. 
- Akiva is kissing all the sugar off of Madrigal's entire body
- Issa is described as a woman with serpents slithering from waist down, topless from waist up, mentions her perfect breast
- Students in art class draw from nude models, describes how the position themselves and drawing private parts. Karou talks about models penis.  
- Madrigal would sneak out at night to make love with Akiva for about a month
Profanity -
Hell- 4
Damn- 8
Bastard- 7
Bitch- 1
Jesus- 4
GD- 1
multiple uses of: Ass, suck, pissed, gay
Violence -
- Swords are used by the Angels to slash and stab with
- Multiple battle scenes with death and blood between Chimaera and Angels (sometimes detailed)
- Karou throws Kaz through a plate glass widow- he was fine
- A head gets chopped off
- A man throws himself off a building and falls 200 ft. to his death
- Karou got the crap beat out of her by a Chimaera and slashed with a sword multiple times by an Angel
- Karou had gunshot wounds on her stomach
Other -
- students smoke
- Akiva's mother gave him away as a small child because it was her duty just to breed warriors, he calls himself a Bastards son often
- This book has Angels, Demons, Chimaera, Fallen Angels
- Magic, witchcraft, resurrection of bodies, jinx's, spells
- Karou would wish things on people like... itching, sleep and other things
- A man has a demon living on his back because the demon's legs are shriveled up.
- Karou uses her magic against Kaz making him itch in his groin area while he poses nude for the art class.