Under the Never Sky Content

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Sexual Content:
  • Some subtle sexual innuendo
  • Slight possible suggestion that Perry has slept with a girl. It mentions that he and Brooke had lain together in the grass. Later it mentions a place Perry used to go, where it was his first time with Brooke.
  • Perry laughs when Aria is afraid of him (she crosses her legs) and says he wouldn't think of her for that.
  • Growing romantic tension between Perry and Aria.
  • Perry and Aria kiss.
  • Perry and Aria are on the run together. They travel far and sleep together at night.
  • Perry and Aria fall in love with each other.  They kiss and then have sex, though it is very subtle and could be missed by younger readers. Pg. 324 "Perry, if we....couldn't I get....?"
  • "No, not now. Your scent would be different.....we don't have to do this if you're not sure."
  • "I trust you, and I'm sure."

  • A boy attacks Aria, he may have raped her if he wasn't stopped.
  • Perry and his brother fist fight.
  • Aria has lots of injuries from traveling.
  • Men attack Perry, he kills some of them.
  • Men attack Perry and Aria and Perry kills them.
  • Some of the Outsiders are cannibals.
  • Fighting and killing with bows and arrows and knives. Mention of blood and torn muscles.
  • Perry has to fight his brother who is attacking him. He slits his throat.

Other Notables:
  • Aria gets her period and doesn't know what's happening to her. In the Pod women don't menstruate.