The Sky is Everywhere Content

  • 7 Sh**
  • 7 Hell
  • 4 WTF
  • 6 Fu**
  • 2 Bit**
  • 13 A**
  • 7 Damn
  • 21 God
  • 4 Di**head
Sexual Content:  Lennie has recently discovered that she's interested in boys.  This comes with the realization that she has lustful thoughts about them.  This preoccupies much of the book.  Also, she is extremely grief-stricken over the death of her sister.  She finds comfort from her sister's boyfriend who is also completely heart-broken.  They end up in a physical relationship trying to make themselves hurt less.
  • Lennie says all she thinks about lately is sex.
  • Lennie has "inappropriate" thoughts about the boys at her sister's funeral.
  • Lennie hugs her (dead) sisters boyfriend, Toby, after having a long conversation about Bailey, her sister, and feels a "hardness" against her thigh.  
  • Lennie's sister had told her that she and her boyfriend, Toby, had sex.
  • When Lennie sees Toby the next time (after the hug), all she can think is "boner, boner, erection, hard-on, woody, boner, boner, boner-"
  • Lots of talk of boners.
  • Lennie sneaks Toby in her room in the middle of the night.  They are comforting each other and kiss, then they fall asleep together on her sister's bed.
  • Lennie tell her friend about Toby and says they didn't have sex and, "don't worry, I'm still the last virgin standing."
  • Lennie says she's only kissed three boys.  One tasted like hot dogs, one "who dug around in my shirt like h was reaching for a box of popcorn," and one during spin-the-bottle.
  • Lennie meets a new boy at school who she really likes.  They end up spending a lot of time together and start to like each other.  They kiss.
  • Lennie and Toby are alone in her room and start kissing passionately, then taking off each other's clothing.  Details like unbuttoning shirts, unzipping jeans, his hands on her breasts, his hand edging between her legs.  They are on her bed about to have sex when they hear someone come home and hurry and get dressed.
  • THEN, Joe comes in, he's suspicious.  Toby leaves and he starts to ask if there's something going on but she interrupts him by kissing him.  They kiss for a long time.  She feels like she's falling for Joe, but she can't seem to keep away from Toby because of the connection to her sister.
  • Lennie thinks about how she's never seen a real guy naked, that she's afraid for seeing "it" and that when her friend first saw one "hard" she said all kinds of crazy things.
  • Lennie thinks about how she spent the night before kissing Joe, "I can feel his hands running ....all over my dress, just one thin layer between us until the moment when he slipped his hands under the fabric and I felt his fingers on my skin like music."
  • Lennie's Gram goes over the birth control speech.
  • Lennie feels sick about how far she let things get with Toby, thinking how she let two guys feel her breasts in the same day, wondering if she and Toby would have stopped if they weren't interrupted, thinking condoms were the farthest thing from their minds.
  • Joe asks Lennie if she's a virgin.  She's embarrassed and says she is and says it's "uncool."  He says she's wrong and whenever she wants to change that he wants to be her first because he's fallin in love with her.  She agrees.  Then he says kissing is enough for now.  He jokes that he's going to deflower her.
  • Lennie thinks, "I'm so fed up with my virginity.  It's like the whole world is in on this ecstatic secret but me-"
  • Lennie and Toby talk more about Bailey and Toby tells Lennie that Bailey was pregnant.  They both break down in tears and start kissing again.  Joe sees them and is devastated.
  • Joe and Lennie make up, she tells him she wants to do "everything" with him (meaning sex).  
Other Notables:
  • Lennie and her friend drink Tequila and get drunk.
  • Lennie and Joe drink wine.
  • Lennie's Gram says she doesn't want her drinking.  Lennie says she doesn't do it very often.
  • Lennie's uncle Big smokes pot all the time.
  • Lennie's best friend is a chain smoker.