Rival Content

Sexual Content:
  • Mention that a girl almost went "all the way" with a guy then he dumped her and told everyone about it.
  • 8 Bi***
  • 17 A**
  • 13 God
  • 6 Hell
  • 10 Sh**
  • 4 Damn
  • 2 Fu**
  • 1 Pus**
  • Brooke punches Kathryn in the face
  • Brooke gets someone to pull Kathryn in the pool even though she knows she can't swim, then Kathryn almost drowns.
  • There is quite a bit of bullying toward Kathryn.
Other Notables:
  • There's quite a bit of partying with under-age drinking.  
  • Lots of references to Brooke's past where she got drunk and did wild things, but since that happened she decided to quit drinking.
  • Brooke's dad left her mother for another man.