Lola and the Boy Next Door Content

*Based on an Advanced Reader Copy and may vary slightly from the final copy

  • 8 A**
  • 3 Damn
  • 2 Bit**
  • 4 Sh**
  • 5 Hell
  • 1 Bloody hell
  • 20 God
  • 2 Fu**
  • 2 A**hole
  • 2 Christ
  • 1 Shite
  • 1 Arse
  • 1 Jesus

Sexual Content:

  • Lola says she lost her virginity last week on her 17th birthday, and that they've done it once more since, and that she know it will get better with time.
  • Lola and Max have sex again, no details, just mentioned going to his apartment then getting dressed, and that it was better this time.
  • Lola and Max have sex in his van. No details. Just assumed.
  • Mention that Max has slept with many women, but that he's clean, he's been tested.
  • Lola and Cricket have feelings for each other.  Tension builds throughout the book.
  • Lola and Cricket kiss passionately.