Divergent Content

Information is from an Advanced Reader copy and may vary slightly from the final copy.

Sexual Content
  • A boy suggests that one of the girls gets a nipple piercing.
  • A group of guys attack, blindfold and beat up Tris.  They grab around her chest and say that she doesn't feel like a sixteen-year-old, she feels about twelve.  "Wait, I think I feel something!"
  • Tris and Tobias do a lot of kissing.  Mention of him kissing her jaw, or her tattoos on her collarbone.  Once they kiss while she's sitting on top of him, but the kisses are never very detailed.
  • During a simulation, where Tris has to face her greatest fears, she is faced with a simulation of Tobias wanting to have sex with her.  She tells him she will not have sleep with him in a hallucination.
  • Tris tells Tobias that he was in her fear simulation and that she's afraid he'll want to have sex with her, and she assumes he's had sex with others.  He tells her that he's never had sex either, and that he's intimidated as much as she is by it.  He says that one day, if she wants to, they can, but not now.

  • 9 Hell
  • 3 God
  • The Dauntless are thrill seekers (brave and daring).  They take risks which put them in danger and sometimes get them killed.
  • A Dauntless girl jumps off a train, misses the roof, and falls to her death.  Mention of arms and legs at awkward angles. 
  • The Dauntless initiates are given different tasks to root out the weaker/less brave. 
    • They are made to fight each other until the other can't fight anymore.  "Molly punches again, and again, until her fist hits Christina's jaw, her nose, her mouth....Blood runs down the side of Christina's face and splatters on the ground next to her cheek....The blood streaming from her nose is thick and dark and covers her fingers in seconds."
    • A girl is made to hang over the edge of a river for five minutes to prove her bravery.  If she falls, she will die.
    • Tris is beaten practically unconscious by a boy, nose cracking, blood, black eye, etc.
    • Tris is made to stand by a target while someone throws knives around her head, her ear gets nicked.
  • A group bullies Tris, and when she exits the shower they try to pull her towel off of her (guys and girls).  They yank the towel off, but she runs away from them.
    • Tris is later made to fight one of the girls that did this.  Tris beats her to a bloody mess.  Kicking her while she's on the ground.  Mention of blook springing from her nose and spreading over her face etc.
  • Someone stabs a Dauntless boy in the eye with a butcher knife in the middle of the night.  Mention of blood pooling around his head, and him wanting to pull it out.
  • Dauntless bullies attack and possibly try to kill Tris.  Beating her and possibly attempting to throw her into a chasm. 
  • A Dauntless initiate kills himself by throwing himself into the river.  There is some detail about the way he looks. 
  • The Dauntless have to go through simulations where they face their worst fears.  Some of these are being attacked by crows, having to shoot someone you love, confined spaces, being kidnapped, being attacked, drowning.
  • Dauntless are given a serum which controls their minds, then they are forced to shoot Abnegation council members.  A Dauntless leader is about to shoot Tobias, when Tris shoots him in the leg.  Other shootings occur.
  • Tris is shot in the back by Erudites, then hit.
  • Tris's mother is shot.
  • Tris has to shoot her good friend in the head because he is under mind control and is about to shoot her.

Other Notables:
  • An 18 year old Dauntless instructor gets drunk.  I don't know if it's illegal in this scenario, though.
  • Many of the Dauntless drink and get drunk.