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Content Review: Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things

Courtney Crumrin, Vol. 1: Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things (Courtney Crumrin (Graphic Novels)) Paperback: 128 pages Publisher: Oni Press; 2 edition (September 8, 2003) Language: English ISBN-10: 1929998600 ISBN-13: 978-1929998609
The initial Courtney Crumrin miniseries in a new digest-sized format. Courtney's parents have dragged her out to a high-to-do suburb to live with her creepy Great Uncle Aloysius in his spooky old house. She's not only the new kid in school, but she also discovers strange things lurking under her bed.
Main Characters
Courtney-blond short hair brownish black eyes brave and she is almost never scared. She is the main character. 
Uncle Crumrin-I have no idea what is hair color is(but i always imagine him blonde)and is always geting Courtney out of trouble. 
Mr. Butterworm- A werewolf that eats people. 
The Changeling Baby (Roger)- A smoking, drinking creature that took the place of a human baby that was stolen.
Plot Summary
This book is about a girl who had to move to her uncle's mansion and she thought her uncle was creepy. At school she was teased and talked about. She was bullied by a group of kids who beat her up and took her allowance. Then she meets a boy at school who is nice to her. But when they were walking through the woods, he was attacked and eaten by a werewolf. She gets away, but then discovers a whole new world of creatures that she never knew existed, and found out that her uncle was more than he seemed. Plot High Point At one exciting point in the story, Courtney follows a changeling into a different world of creatures to find a baby that was stolen. She was captured by the creatures who sell her at auction. A mysterious person bids high for her and wins. This was pretty exciting. Personal Opinion I liked it a lot, except the bad words were disturbing. I liked the part where there was a doppelganger and it said that it was better at being Courtney than Courtney was. But Courtney told it that it was terrible. I didn't like the part where the boy came to her house and tried to make her like him (he was under a spell). I liked that it was manga.
From a parent's point of view:  I thought that this was a pretty cute book, and I like that my kids are really enjoying Manga.  It's an easy read for them and something that they can read in between other books to boost their confidence.  I wasn't crazy about the content in this book, though, and if I had read it before my daughter, I probably wouldn't have given it to her.  The age recommendation on the book is for ages 7 and up, but I found the language a bit much, and the content was too old for a 7 year old, in my opinion.  It included a scene where a boy forces Courtney to kiss him, a changeling baby that smokes and drinks, a picture of an obviously female creature topless, and a couple of other things.  So, needless to say, if you care about that kind of thing, make sure you check over the mangas before passing them on, and don't just trust the age recommendations!  :)  I honestly don't understand the point in putting things like this in a book for 7 year olds, it certainly didn't enhance the story at all, so I'm at a loss to see the positive side of it.  If it weren't for these things, I would recommend the book to kids who like to read creepy stories, that aren't too creepy.  But at this point, I'd definitely save this book for when they're a little older.

Sexual Content:

    -A boy, who is under a spell, tries to get Courtney to go out with him.  When she refuses, he gets upset and the forces a kiss on her.  She then bites his lip.  There are pictures of him kissing her, and of her biting his lip and pulling it with her teeth.

    -Courtney is watching t.v. and this is said, "You're watching the Family Learning Channel....and now, angry ticks fore out of my nipples."


1 Hell
2 Lame-a**
1 Dammit
1 Dumba**
1 Son of a....


    -There are creepy creatures that live in Courtney's house.
    -A werewolf chases Courtney and eats a boy that was in the woods.
    -The werewolf tries to eat other kids.
    -Creatures steal a baby and sell it in an auction.  They replace it with a changeling.