All These Things I've Done Content

  • A girl says OMG but doesn't know what it means. She thinks it means awesome.
  • 2 bastard (used literally)
  • 3 Jesus
  • 1 Jesus Christ
  • 3 damn
  • 2 hell
  • 2 ass
  • 1 Christ

Sexual Content:
  • Anya's boyfriend wants to have sex with her. She says no, and he begins to attempt to force her but is stopped.
  • Mention of a man who tried to touch Anya's breast when she was 13.
  • Anya and Wynn kiss all night long. She says she wouldn't have minded if things went further, but she wasn't that kind of girl and Wynn wasn't that kind of boy.
  • "I pressed my body up against his and stuck my tongue down his throat, as far as it would go."
  • Anya and Wynn talk about having sex. Wynn says he's had sex before. Anya says she wants to wait until she's married because she made a bargain with God that she'd be good if he didn't let anything bad happen to her family.
  • Anya and Wynn start kissing in her bed and soon start taking off clothes. Anya asks if he has anything, he says yes, but only if she's sure. She says she is and tells him to just put it on. Then they are interrupted and nothing more happens.

  • A boy holds a gun to her sister's head and demands her shoes.
  • Anya's family is a crime family, so there's mention of hits and other crimes.
  • Anya's mother was shot and killed in a hit, and her brother was shot and got brain damage.
  • Anya's grandmother is ill and mistakes her for her mother and slaps her, calling her a whore and a slut.
  • Anya's mentally impaired brother shot his uncle.
  • Anya's cousin shot her boyfriend.

Other notables:
  • Teens drinking (mostly watered down beer), but it isn't illegal in this future.