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Content Review: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Along for the Ride Sara Dessen                                                                                                                                                 Review by Abigaile 

Intended audience: 12 and up 

Age of main character: 18

Meet Auden, a young lady struggling with her parents' divorce. Escaping from under her demanding mother's heel, Auden goes to live with her dad in a small beach town. There she meets Eli, a loner burdened by guilt. Fellow insomniacs, they explore the town at night, discovering new ways to connect. 



Sexual Content: 


Other Notes:

    -Auden’s parents get a divorce. 

    -Auden and her friends go to a lot of parties and drink beer. Auden doesn’t even enjoy going to them. 

Was it any good? 

Review from: March 25, 2010
I really loved this book. There were definitely some flaws though. I really wish Eli was a more established character than he was. The moments Eli was mentioned felt rushed. The end didn't seem to pull together properly. The book had some main objectives that did not come together in the end. It felt incomplete.

I really loved that Heidi - Auden's stepmom - became a really awesome character. I ended up loving her. I also liked how there were strong friendships throughout the book, that in the beginning didn't seem possible. The parts where Auden and Eli couldn't sleep at night and instead would have quest's together and finish together was cool.
I thought the whole thing was very cute. I probably would not read this book again, just because there are better books. But there might come a time where I crave the characters.

New Review! 1-13-11
By reading the review above, you probably would have never guessed that I would read it again.
Well, ever since I read Along For The Ride for the first time,
I have found myself thinking back to it.
Thinking about all the characters, and parts in the story.
Every time I would go to the library and pick it up and debate on if I should read it again.
But then I would always set it down and decide to read something else.
Well I actually took it home with me the other day, and finished it in 3 days.
I loved it.
I mean the whole time I was reading it this time, I was thinking,
"I was completely insane when I read this a year ago. How could I NOT like this?!"
I so did not appreciate Sarah Dessen's amazing writing.
She does such a great job on developing all the characters.
Even the small characters that didn't really even matter,
she made them memorable.

I have to say, even after all the books I have read,
Eli is one of my favorite guys.
I freaking love him!
I mean yeah, there's a lot of great guys in other books,
but in my book, Eli is amazing.
I just love how he is with Auden.
I thought all the things they did together in Along For The Ride was just so cute!

What I have noticed, and loved in Sarah Dessen's books is that she makes all her main
girls actually have a backbone.
She doesn't make them dizty and sleezy.
And yet, she doesn't make them unrealistically perfect.
Understand what I talking about here?
In the three Sarah Dessen books I have read, you read inside the minds of teenage girls where they have the realistic wants and temptations without being obnoxious and stupid.
Which (in what books I have read) is hard to find.
Sometimes I will yell at a book because the main character (usually girls) is just so ridiculous.

Alright, to wrap things up here, second time around I LOVED Along For The Ride.
I will probably read it again in the future.

Oh and you're probably thinking,
"Why the heck would I want to read a book that's only good the second
time reading it??"
Well, it was good the first time reading it,
I just didn't enjoy it as much, but my taste in books have majorly changed.
I read things now that I wouldn't have liked at all a year ago.


7 of 10 


Reading level: Young Adult 

Hardcover: 400 pages 

Publisher: Viking Juvenile (June 16, 2009) 

Language: English 

ISBN-10: 0670011940 

ISBN-13: 978-0670011940