Our Rating Scale

We rate books in two different ways.  First, we rate content, then we rate our enjoyment of the book.  There are books that we enjoy that have content in them, and sometimes the content can have an effect on how much we enjoyed a book.  Please keep in mind these are our personal opinions.  Also, keep in mind that we will inevitably make mistakes in our reviews, but our goal is to help people make informed decisions about what they are reading.

Content Ratings:
  • Sexual content:
    • None: No kissing or sexual dialog
    • Minor: A small amount of kissing without details
    • Mild:  Kissing without much detail.  Possibly a small amount of sexual dialog.
    • Moderate:  (Either/Or) Heavy kissing with details.  Some sexual dialog.
    • Heavy: (Either/Or) Any amount of sex between unmarried teens, oral Sex, heavy petting, removal of clothing, described heavy making-out, heavy  sexual dialog (even if it is only mentioned and not described)
    • Very Heavy:  Sex that happens often but is not heavily described, or oral sex.  Crude heavy sexual dialog.
    • Extreme:  Heavy sexual content happening often, or graphically described.  
  • Profanity:
    • None: No uses of any profanities, including God/Jesus/Hell/Damn
    • Minor: Small amount of uses of God/Jesus/Hell/Damn
    • Mild:  Uses of the above and/or a few uses of A**, Bi*** etc (words used on local T.V./radio)
    • Moderate:  Many uses of the above words OR a very few uses of "heavier" words like sh**, a**hole etc
    • Heavy:  The above profanities used often including the "big ones", or a couple of uses of the "F" word
    • Very Heavy:  All words used frequently
    • Extreme:  Every possible word used on almost every page.  Often includes crude sexual dialog.
  • Violence:
    • None:  No violence done or mentioned
    • Minor:  Violence mentioned but not described
    • Mild:  Possibly a small amount of bullying, or one small described incident without mention of blood, or other descriptions.  
    • Moderate:  Good vs Evil violence, war violence, may have some descriptions, but not much detail.  Also possibly rape without much detail.
    • Heavy:  Good vs Evil violence or war violence with lot of descriptions, sounds, blood.  Rape with details.
    • Extreme:  Graphic violence where the violence is glorified.
  • Other Notables:  We try to remember to mention:
    • Underage drinking
    • Drugs
    • Smoking
    • Witchcraft/Sorcery/Wizardry/Vampires/Fortune Tellers etc (if it isn't obvious from the synopsis)
    • Other things we may think should be noted

Our opinion:

Some of our older reviews are on a scale of 1-10.  One being the worst and ten being the highest.  Most of our newer reviews are on a scale of 1-6.  These ratings are based on how much we enjoyed the book.  We usually try to rate a book without taking the content into too much consideration, but as we prefer books without profanity and sex, sometimes our reviews will reflect that.  There are some books that we give high ratings to, that we wouldn't necessarily suggest for younger readers, but think are good books for older readers.  And as everyone has different opinions on what is appropriate at what age (if ever) we try to only write our review based on the story, and leave the decisions about content up to you.