Getting started with R

R is a fully comprehensive statistical program that can be run on any platform.  Download it for free here:  R-project.  There is a large community of R users and resources freely available.  Below, I have posted links that I have found to be very helpful.

I also recommend the use of a good script editor, my favorite being Tinn-R.  To run the parentage programs on this website you only need to learn how to do two things (1) successfully import data - where most problems arise from incorrectly setting the working directory or having an improperly formatted input file and (2) copy and paste script into R (which is where I find Tinn-R to be most useful).  Please contact me if you have any difficulties with these programs and I will do my best to help. 

Helpful links:

R-card - A 3 page pdf with basic R syntax. 

Ecological models and data in R
- A useful introduction with helpful labs.

OSU R group - An Oregon State University, graduate-student run site - lots of helpful script files.

R for beginners - a useful pdf!