artist statement

renée roberts

Renée carves stone intuitively, direct carving abstract forms.  As she carves, the stone may reveal hidden crystals, fractures or colored veins, challenging her understanding of the forms’ potential and possibilities.  She uses the tension of sharp edges and polished planes against the raw, natural surfaces of the stone, inviting you to touch what was once cold, gray and hard as it becomes transformed into soft contours and contrasting textures.

A Seattle native, Renée attended Seattle University, majoring in fine arts, with a minor in art history. Initially attracted to scientific illustration, her imagery was detailed and realistic. Her current medium of stone sculpture is mostly abstract.  Renée resides in Snohomish County where her home overlooks a lush greenbelt with yipping coyote pups and the eerie sound of barred owls echoing in the ravine.