PARC began as a group of parents of children with disabilities in 1957.  There were no agencies that provided supports to these children and the parents took it upon themselves to develop a support system in which they could depend on each other.  A support group was started because they all had children with disabilities at home at a time when the parents of these children were being told to place them in institutions.  

PARC gave these parents a place to share stories, conduct research and support one another with anecdotes of the daily challenges  of being thrust into a world of unknown.  As the children aged, they soon found that they were not being accepted into normal educational settings. 

These children were labeled as “unreachable.”  Instead of sending their children off for early education, they brought early education to each others children.  When the need presented itself, they developed a Camp Trumbull, a summer camp for their children.  They wanted their children to have the opportunities that every other child enjoyed.
After 50 years these parents and other accredited individuals continue the mission that they began in 1957. Several of the original individuals, as well as many others, continue to take advantage of the opportunities presented by PARC. 

For more than 50 years PARC has served hundreds of families who would not have had the opportunity to utilize the programs if not for the generosity of donations and the dedication of our staff, Board and volunteers.