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Chase Community Giving

posted Jul 15, 2010, 7:16 AM by Para Sa Bata Org   [ updated Jul 15, 2010, 7:19 AM ]

Dear Chase Community Giving Charity,


Congratulations on your charity being one of the 200 winning organizations in the Chase Community Giving Summer 2010 program! 


Each winning organization had the chance to share how their cause helps make the communities they care about a better place and improves the lives of those around them.  Some shared their organization’s mission, while others shared stories, video and images to make the most compelling case for their organization…and it paid off.  I appreciate your enthusiasm and the creativity that helped make Chase Community Giving a success.


Thank you for your participation in the Chase Community Giving program and congratulations again for motivating so many participants to vote for your cause. We will be in touch shortly with further details and next steps on how to receive your grant from Chase.  We applaud the important work your organization is doing and look forward to hearing how these funds are helping further your cause.


Chase Community Giving grew out of our firm’s belief in giving individuals and communities a voice in corporate philanthropy, opening the doors for small charities across the country. We thank you for joining us in our efforts to inspire this new way of giving and hope that the global visibility provided to your organizations will help advance your missions and attract new supporters for years to come.


Warm Regards,


Kimberly B. Davis

President, JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase

Chair, Chase Community Giving Advisory Board

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