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With differents paragliding instructors, our professional team will help you to discover  the sky of les 2 Alpes. They all have a big passion to fly, and they will share it with you. They will propose you some services of a very good quality.

 Didier PELISSIER, ski and paragliding instructor (French State
 Diploma 1st degree)
Paragliding instructor since the start of the
 school, Didier love all the air sport: paragliding, speed riding,
kitesurf, et snowkite.



 Patrick VALLET
ski and paragliding instructor (French State
 Diploma 1st degree).
Technical manager, he shares his time in
 teaching paragliding and ski.


 Bernard DINH (Bibou) paragliding instructor (French State
 Diploma 2nd degree).
Speed riding & SIV-Pilotage qualification.
 Full time paragliding instuctor, he enjoys to teach and to let you discover his favourite sport: paragliding.