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FAQ Frequenty Asked Questions

Who can make a paragliding tandem flight?
Anyone can make a paragliding flight.
At 6 years, children can make a tandem, but of  course, parents are better able to judge the envy of the child. The flight will take place in calm upper air conditions (low wind). 

Our youngest passenger who had flown was 6 years and the most aged 86 years ..

Dpo we get vertigo, when we fly on paraglider ?
No, the concept of vertigo (fear of falling), occurs only when you can follow a visual line of flight (cliff, ladder, lifts ...). In flight, you move permanently, you are attached to paragliding, and do not have this dizziness.

How is the flight for a skier?
If you are a skier, just bring your ski equipment. It is not necessary to be a good skier, even a beginner can take off on skis. The passenger held the monitor and slid 20 yards and then flies away gradually.

How is the flight to a pedestrian in the winter?
The launch will be done by running about 20 meters. On landing, simply run a few steps.

What equipment do I wear for a tandem flight in  summer?

Sportswear, windbreaker, sunglasses and walking shoes lightweight hiking or good sports shoes.

Cancellation in case of bad weather ?
If the flight conditions are not good, the flight is delayed or canceled. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.

Do I need a specific insurance ?
No, you  are covered by the insurance of your insctructors. It
covers you,  in addition to social security and your own insurance.

Insurance details assurance www.ffvl.fr, click here.