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African Witchcraft - Power Of Witchcraft in Africa [Graphic]
Anti-War Group Using Witchcraft in California - Fox News Report
Bell Witch
Bell Witch - The Beginning
Birth of Voodoo - National Geographic
Black & White Magic - To Destroy or to Heal
Black Magic - National Geographic
Child Witches Accused in the Name of Jesus - ABC News [Graphic]
Haitian Voodoo - National Geographic
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Pagan Origins Of Christmas
People Accused of Witchcraft [Graphic]
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Practitioners of Witchcraft

Practitioners of witchcraft employing their skills for both beneficial and sinister uses.

Police Officers Witness Flying Witches

Testimony from dozens of persons and police officers depict seeing what appear to be witches flying through the skies of remote Mexican towns. Several people videotaped the strange phenomenon. The creatures appear to infest the skies over an old cemetery. Video taken in Monterrey, Mexico. This is most likely a hoax but you decide for yourself.

Practitioners of Witchcraft

National Geographic Video Shorts (8/04/2006) - Practitioners of witchcraft employ their skills for both beneficial and sinister uses.

Angels vs. Demons

There's a war going on. It's an invisible war; a war between good and evil, waged in a hidden realm. There Satan and his demons wage continual warfare against God and his angels. This unseen struggle affects each one of us. . . for the prize to be won is the hearts and minds of human beings.

Join acclaimed author Dr. Larry Richards as he shows us the hidden world of angels versus demons in his new Invisible War series of fiction books.

In this segment Dr. Richards talks with Herman and Sharron Bailey of Its Time with Herman and Sharron on CTN about neo-paganism in today's world.

The Life of a Witch

The Life of the Witch. A witch describes what she is and does from a narrative and photo perspective.

The Execution of Elizabeth Clark - Witchcraft

In 1645 the inquisitor Matteo Hopkins ordered the execution of Elizabeth Clark at the stake, because she was a witch. Many innocent women were burned alive at that time from the inquisition.

Witch Hunts

The Terror of History: The Witch Hunt in Early Modern Europe Lecturer: Professor Teofilo Ruiz.

Witchcraft is an earth-based religion with the use of supernatural powers or magical powers. Some people call Witchcraft "the old religion" because it is believed to be connected to the beliefs of Pre-Christian Europe.

Witchcraft is also considered to be a part of what is called "Neo-Paganism" which is a modern trend in Canada, United States and Europe.

Witchcraft can refer to the use of using powers to cause harm or inflict damage and pain to someone and in turn it can be used as a term to heal or help an individual.

In the popular imagination, a witch is a woman who, by means of a pact with the Devil, has acquired supernatural power, which she uses for her own benefit and for evil purposes.

During the Middle Ages, the power of the Church strengthened these beliefs among the people, using witchcraft as scapegoat for all calamities, to marginalize, imprison, and finally execute people, especially women, who would not submit to the established social order.

Today, the general population no longer believes in witches, and many people view the witch only as a well-loved traditional character, appearing only in children's stories.

Definition of Witch:

1. A woman claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.

2. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.

3. A hag.

4. A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.

5. Informal A woman or girl considered bewitching.

6. One particularly skilled or competent at one's craft.



Voodoo is very popular in West Africa, Benin and its exact origins are unknown but the general belief is that the roots of this religion came from West Africa. Voodoo can be used for healing and for hurting and it is most known in the public's eye with sacrifices, voodoo dolls and black magic.

Voodoo tends to go beyond religion and is more of a world view.
Because many Africans were forced into slave labor, they were expected to adapt to a foreign Christian religion.

Because of this many Africans turned to their ancestors for help in providing aid to this painful transition. It is because of those events that it is believed that Voodoo was created. 


The Bell Witch House

Bell Witch - The 'Bell Witch Haunting' is a poltergeist legend which originated from the southern United States in 1817. Did a sinister witch cast a spell on the Bell family which resulted in poltergeist activity?

According to the legend the haunting started in 1817 when Bell Sr. found a strange animal on his property in a cornfield on his farm in Robertson County on the Red River near Adams, Tennessee. The animal was described as having the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit and it vanished when Bell Sr. shot at it with his rifle.

After this incident the Bell Family would hear strange knocking noises and gnawing noises outside of their house which then started occurring within their home. Shortly after the Bells oldest daughter, Betsy Bell, claimed to be assaulted by an unknown force.

Bell Sr. started experiencing facial seizures which would often render him speechless and unable to communicate. He died on December 20th, 1820. A small vial with an unidentified liquid was found near his body after he allegedly swallowed the substance. The substance was force-fed to a cat and the animal died shortly afterwards and the vial was disposed of in the fireplace.


Spellcraft is the ability to create and cast spells using various tools, methods and ingredients such as gems, herbs, chanting, astrology, incense, candles, numerology, colors and meditations. It is often used to describe the rituals that are performed by witches, wiccans and neo-pagans.

The Rule of Three

Ever Mind the Rule of Three
Three times what thou givest returns to thee
This lesson well, thou must learn
Thee only gets what thou dost earn!

Witches Executed

Witches - Many people were found guilty of witchcraft and accused of being a witch over the centuries. This picture portrays the execution of people found guilty of being witches and practicing witchcraft and how they were executed in such horrendous ways.

The Church and European society were not always so zealous in hunting witches or blaming them for bad occurrences. Saint Boniface declared in the 8th century that belief in the existence of witches was un-Christian. The emperor Charlemagne decreed that the burning of supposed witches was a pagan custom that would be punished by the death penalty.

In 820 the Bishop of Lyon  and others repudiated the belief that witches could make bad weather, fly in the night, and change their shape. This denial was accepted into Canon law until it was reversed in later centuries as the witch-hunt gained force.

In 1307 the trial of the Knights Templar shows close parallels to accusations of witchcraft, maleficium, and sorcery and may have been the beginning of the great European witch-hunt. Other rulers such as King Coloman of Hungary declared that witch-hunts should cease because witches (more specifically, strigas) do not exist.