Ouija Board and the Paranormal

A man being attacked by a demon while using a Ouija board. Is it real? You decide.

Mystery of the Ouija Board

The mystery of Ouija boards. Can you really speak to the dead?

How to use a Ouija Board Alone

How to use a Ouija board when you are alone.


Ouija Board - Random Ghost

Contacting spirits with a homemade Ouija board.

How Does The Ouija Board Work?

How do you explain the movement of the glass on the Ouija board? If its not spirits, then what is it?

Ouija Board Story

CBN Online - Jeff Harshbarger was only in the third grade when his parents bought a ouija board. It seemed like a lot of fun until he found out that it was no game.

Ouija Boards

Ouija boards which are also known as a 'Talking Board' or 'Spirit Board' is a flat board which displays letters, numbers, symbols and generally the words 'YES', 'NO' and 'GOOD BYE'/'FAREWELL' and sometimes 'HELLO'. A planchette (small heart shaped piece of wood or plastic usually with felt bottomed legs) is used to move around the board. Ouija boards were first mentioned back in China in 1100 BC and possibly around 540 BC from Greek historical accounts.

Some look at Ouija boards as they are just a toy or game then again others look at them like they are something that should not be played with at all. Others feel that Ouija boards can summon evil spirits from another dimension and once that door has been open to let the evil spirit into your dimension it is hard to close that door.

The word 'Ouija' may have come from the french word 'yes' OUI and the german word 'yes' JA. Another story suggests that the word 'Ouija' came from an ancient Egyptian word meaning 'good luck'. Another theory says that the word 'Ouija' is the Spanish pronunciation for 'Wicca'  and that the phonetic spelling of the word Wicca is Ouija. In law, Ouija is a registered trademark from Hasbro.

Ouija Board
Paranormal Views

Paranormal Views - From the paranormal viewpoint a Ouija board is usually described as a tool used to open a portal into another world which lets negative energies into your world. Generally the paranormal viewpoint of a Ouija board is looked up as a negative instrument or tool which should not be used as a game or a toy.

Some paranormal viewpoints look at the Ouija board as an instrument to contact evil or in some cases good spirits or entities with the sole purpose of 'making contact' with the dead. Most paranormal viewpoints of the board state that the board has no power itself but is rather a tool to aid a medium which may be in contact with the spirit world.

Ouija Board
Scientific Views

Scientific Views - Within the scientific views of the Ouija board most believe that you are using your subconscious mind and therefore you are subconsciously moving the planchette around the board a term called: ideomotor action or automatism. A study was done on the Ouija board where the participants asked controlled YES or NO questions while the participant was blindfolded and the Ouija board was turned 180 degrees without them knowing and in this case the planchette was moved to were the 'yes' and 'no' usually would be located but was not since the board was rotated 180 degrees without their knowledge.

This experiment provides some evidence that it may be completely subconscious actions and not paranormal. These subconscious actions generally make people feel that what is happening is real since many questions are answered in a surprising manner to the person but in fact subconsciously they are providing the answers themselves.