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 ITC Instrumental TransCommunication

Ghost Hunting Equipment: PX Device
ITC Instrumental TransCommunication

The PX device is a more recent piece of equipment which has been built to allegedly communicate with spirits.

This device is basically used as a tool for verbal communication since it has a built in dictionary.

The theory is that spirits may be able to communicate with this device by changing the environment which in turn may produce the proper words within the built-in dictionary on the PX device.

There are different types of PX devices on the market with different functions as well as different built in dictionaries.

These devices require quite a bit of power so they are usually designed to work with lithium batteries since these batteries often offer the most amount of power possible to power the device.

Many ghost hunting groups have used the PX device and often many state that they are pleased with the results of the device.

The popular ghost hunting team the Ghost Adventures are well known to use this device and many people have heard of this device because of their show.

The PX device is based on Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), which was coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s to refer more generally to communication through any sort of electronic device such as tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits or other discarnate entities and the living.

One particularly famous claimed incidence of ITC occurred when the image of EVP enthusiast Friedrich Jürgenson (whose funeral was held that day) was said to have appeared on a television in the home of a colleague, which had been purposefully tuned to a vacant channel.

Not all PX devices offer the same modes but many PX devices offer certain common modes.

Modes of the PX Device:
  • Dictionary Mode - most PX devices offer over 2000 internal words.
  • Phonetic Mode - the PX device will speak the internal words in this mode.
  • Reverse Mode - the PX device will speak the words backwards in this mode.
  • Voice Change Mode - the PX device can alter the voices which are spoken within the dictionary mode.
  • Touch Mode - the PX device will indicate if the device is being touched or if energy around the device has changed.
  • Repeat Mode - the last word can be repeated. In some cases the PX device will be able to repeat the last word up to the first word (within 400 words).
  • Energy Mode - since the PX device uses quite a bit of energy to function you can put the device in energy mode to help preserve the batteries. This basically sets the sensitivity level of the device.
The PX device is a fairly new device which is used during ghost hunting. The device has a built-in dictionary and the theory is that spirits may be able to communicate by changing the environment to choose words that are built within the device.

The PX device has a built-in speaker and headphones can be attached to the PX device as well.

PX devices can operate standalone or attached to a computer via serial cable (RS 232). In some cases a USB high speed serial adapter may be necessary. PX devices can be used on a PC (Windows OS) or a Mac (OS X).

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