Ghost Box
A Tool to Communicate with the Dead

Ghost Hunting Equipment: Ghost Box
A Tool to Communicate with the Dead

A Ghost Box is a modified AM/FM radio which is believed to be a tool that can be used to communicate with the dead.

This modified radio scans the radio bands and picks up words from multiple frequencies and is believed by some to be a form of communication with spirits.

The Ghost Hunter generally will asks questions and will use the Ghost Box as a tool to get answers.

A Ghost Box, also called a "Frank's Box", is a portable electronic device first created in 2002 by EVP enthusiast Frank Sumption for supposed real-time communication with the dead.

The device is described as a combination white noise generator and an AM radio receiver which sweeps back and forth through the AM band.

A special voltage control circuit in the device purportedly allows a disembodied entity to manipulate the noise generator and radio frequencies to create spoken words largely made up of various split-second snippets of sound tuned in from the AM band.

The box could also be manipulated with an AM transmitter to "inject" responses into the device.

However, many investigators using the device have reported positive results. Sumption has built at least 25 boxes and encourages other investigators to build their own.

The plans for the device have been made available through the internet and custom-built boxes can also be found for sale online.

Proponent Christopher Moon, publisher of Haunted Times Magazine, discussed the box at length in 2007 interview on the radio program Coast-to-Coast AM and gives public demonstrations.

The device can be seen being used on various ghost hunting programs such as Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State.
The “ghost box” as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of spirit communication which is believed to be able to communicate across dimensions with spirits of the deceased.

Frank Sumption Ghost Box

" Many are not aware of the two-way communication devices called ghost boxes. Following on the heels of the Spiricom, a ghost box of sorts that many believe to be the first two-way communication device between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm, Frank's box truly was the first of its kind. Frank's Box is a ghost box that produces random voltage to create raw audio from an AM tuner, where it is then amplified and then fed into an echo chamber and recorded. "

Ghost Box

The Illinois Paranormal Research Association
ventured into the infamous Manteno Insane Asylum located in Manteno, Illinois.

They used the notorious ghost box or frank's box to communicate with the dead.

Critics of the device claim that because it relies on radio noise, any meaningful response a user gets is purely coincidental, or simply the result of "audio matrixing" – various, unrelated sounds coming together and perceived as a different sound.

Critics of the device claim that because it relies on radio noise, any meaningful response a user gets is purely coincidental, or simply the result of "audio matrixing" – various, unrelated sounds coming together and perceived as a different sound.

Auditory pareidolia is a situation created when the brain incorrectly interprets random patterns as being familiar patterns. In the case of EVP it could result in an observer interpreting random noise on an audio recording as being the familiar sound of a human voice.

The propensity for an apparent voice heard in white noise recordings to be in a language understood well by those researching it, rather than in an unfamiliar language, has been cited as evidence of this, and a broad class of phenomena referred to by author Joe Banks as Rorschach Audio has been described as a global explanation for all manifestations of EVP.

Skeptics such as David Federlein, Chris French, Terrence Hines and Michael Shermer say that EVP are usually recorded by raising the "noise floor" - the electrical noise created by all electrical devices - in order to create white noise. When this noise is filtered, it can be made to produce noises which sound like speech.

Federlein says that this is no different from using a wah pedal on a guitar, which is a focused sweep filter which moves around the spectrum and creates open vowel sounds. This, according to Federlein, sounds exactly like some EVP. This, in combination with such things as cross modulation of radio stations or faulty ground loops can cause the impression of paranormal voices.

The human brain evolved to recognize patterns, and if a person listens to enough noise the brain will detect words, even when there is no intelligent source for them. Expectation also plays an important part in making people believe they are hearing voices in random noise.

Apophenia is related to, but distinct from pareidolia. Apophenia is defined as "the spontaneous finding of connections or meaning in things which are random, unconnected or meaningless", and has been put forward as a possible explanation.

How to make a Ghost Box Clearer for EVP

I thought I would just show you a simple way on
how to make the ghost box clearer using a simple cardboard box and aluminum foil to block radio waves.

I apologize for the look of it as it does look like my packed lunch lol, but I can assure you it does work on dampening a lot of radio signals.

This method will make any faint EVP's a lot more audiable.

Blocking the airwaves does have its benefits but it also has it drawbacks, but fine tuning things to find an optimal amount of noise is what I am trying to do at the moment.

Franks Box aka Ghost Box

Test on AM and FM Linear sweeps with the franks box.

The “ghost box” as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of sprit communication, also known as instrumental trans-communication, or ITC.

ITC is the use of electronic equipment to communicate across dimensions with spirits of the deceased, and other entities including audio, video, and digital equipment.

It seems just about anything of a technological nature has been used, such FAX machines, telephones, TV’s, radios, computers, and printers, along with analog and digital voice recorders.

Back in 2002 after 2 years of doing EVP work using various methods such as white noise, and the computer, I was using a program called EVP maker, invented by the German researcher Stefan Bion.

I kept getting messages relayed from spirits that could use the computer by spirits that seemingly could not use the computer. I was wondering what else I could use for spirit communication that all spirits could use, after about a week my “system” popped into my head fully formed, all I had to do was build it.

The system consisted of using white noise, amplified,filtered, and rectified to produce a random voltage make voltage tunable radio receiver modules removed form older digital car stereos scan randomly across the AM, or FM broadcast bands.

The randomly tuned radio modules provide a source of random audio which is sent to an enclosure that I called an echo box, for lack of a better name. The “idea” of the echo box was received by what I can only call telepathy, indicating to me there was at least some “outside” guidance in this system.

The suggestion to use a box for the audio was received kind of like someone saying “look at that box” then having the idea to mount the speaker and mic inside it. It is my opinion that it is the random audio that allows the spirits, and other entities, to form their voices.

White noise works because of this random principal, but random material that contains human speech frequencies, and fragments works much better, and more consistently. The random events, or audio, works I think because some kind of resonance on the quantum level is taking place, kind of like using the quantum soup of the universe as a carrier.

I’m no physicist, so can only guess, and just barely describe how I think this equipment works.

- Frank Sumption

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