Proof Positive: Evidence of the Paranormal

Proof Positive: Evidence of the Paranormal

Hosted by Stargate SG-1's Amanda Tapping. Proof Positive Evidence of the Paranormal explores the blurry line between science fiction and science fact.

This weekly, one-hour series uses cutting-edge forensics to test evidence of human encounters with the paranormal.

Each episode looks at three stories (including encounters with ghosts and aliens as well as reincarnation, demonic possession, unexplained lights, etc.), all of which contain convincing evidence that the story is true. After the stories are recounted with interviews and documentary footage, the evidence is subjected to rigorous forensic testing by scientists and field-specific experts.

Throughout the program, the viewing audience will be challenged to figure out which one of the three stories will be revealed to be "proof positive."

During the first three segments of the program, the show investigated three different unexplained phenomena subjects such as ghost hauntings, remote viewing, past life regression, alien abductions and UFO sightings.

During the fourth and final segment of the program, the show takes whatever evidence was gathered and hands it over to professionals for examination.

For example; a video tape with alleged UFO footage would be

examined by professional video or special effects experts to determine if the footage is genuine or fake. Once the evidence is examined, the show reveals the findings.

  • If the evidence is proven authentic, the show would conclude it as "Proof Positive".
  • If the evidence is determined to be a hoax, or not paranormal related, the show would conclude it as Proof Negative".
  • If the evidence could not be verified, the show would give it a "Proof Inconclusive".

Only one of the segments in each episode would be given a proof positive. Before the commercial break at the end of the third segment, the audience would be asked which of the three segments they think would be concluded positive.

The program's purpose was to only validate the authenticity of evidence from a paranormal encounter and not to prove that the paranormal activity exists. For example, if a photo of a flying saucer was declared "proof positive" by the show, it does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that flying saucers exist.

The show would simply validate that the photo was a picture of something unexplained, appearing in the sky, that was really there, and was not apparently faked in any way.