8 X 10 Tasveer

Director: Nagesh Kukunoor
: Nagesh Kukunoor, Sameer
: Akshay Kumar, Ayesha Takia and Javed Jaffrey

A man with the ability to visit the past by looking at photographs, must solve the mystery behind his father's sudden death.

A Bothered Conscience

Director: Dennis Smithers Jr.
Writer: Dennis Smithers Jr.
Stars: Dennis Smithers Sr., Stephen Martin and MacFarland Martin

Deep in the remote Arkansas backwoods, a father passes on the traditions of the Ozark mountain men to his 5 year-old son. Under his strict and cruel guidance, young Lucas learns to protect the family land at all costs, and hones the skills of the hunt that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Big Bad Wolf

Director: Lance W. Dreesen
: Lance W. Dreesen
: Trevor Duke, Kimberly J. Brown and Richard Tyson
Release Date
: October 25th, 2006 (USA)

In Cameron, a group of hunters is attacked by a wild animal, and Charlie Cowley survives but sees his brother Scott dying.

Seven years later, his teenage nephew Derek Cowley steals the key of his stepfather's cabin in the isolated Fire Road 13 and travels with four classmates and his friend Sam to spend the weekend having a party with booze and sex...

Bloody Pit of Horror

Director: Massimo Pupillo
: Romano Migliorini (story), Roberto Natale (story)
: Mickey Hargitay, Walter Brandi and Luisa Baratto
Release Date
: November 28th, 1965 (Italy)

A photographer and his models go to an old, abandoned castle to shoot some sexy covers for horror novels.

Unbeknownst to them, the castle is inhabited by a lunatic who believes himself to be the reincarnated spirit of a 17th-century executioner whose job it is to protect the castle against intruders.
Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride

Director: Alan Gibson
: Don Houghton
: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Michael Coles
Release Date
: October 1978 (USA)

In London in the 1970s, Scotland Yard police investigators think they have uncovered a case of vampirism. They call in an expert vampire researcher named Van Helsing to help them put a stop to these hideous crimes. It becomes apparent that the culprit is Count Dracula himself...

Death of a Ghost Hunter

Director: Sean Tretta
: Mike Marsh, Sean Tretta
: Davina Joy, Mike Marsh and William McMinn

Renowned "ghost hunter", Carter Simms is paid to conduct a paranormal investigation of a supposedly haunted house.

Along with a cameraman, a reporter, and a spiritual advocate, she embarks on a three night journey into terror.
Dr. Cyclops

Director: Ernest B. Schoedsack
: Tom Kilpatrick (original screenplay)
: Albert Dekker, Thomas Coley and Janice Logan
Release Date
: April 12th, 1940 (USA)

A mad scientist working in the South American jungle miniaturizes his colleagues when he feels his megalomania is threatened.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Director: John S. Robertson
: Robert Louis Stevenson (story), Clara Beranger (scenario)
: John Barrymore, Charles Lane and Brandon Hurst
Release Date
: April 1920 (USA)

Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.

Eternal Evil

aka The Blue Man

Director: George Mihalka
: Robert Geoffrion
: Winston Rekert, Karen Black and John Novak

A dissatisfied Montreal director of TV commercials is taught to astrally project himself by a mysterious woman. But soon he finds that he does it against his will when he sleeps, and while he does it, he commits savage acts against those in his life.

Final Remains

Director: Shawn Hazelaar
: Shawn Hazelaar
: Leon Acord, Michelle Bellaver and Bob Brindley

Three college students and a local drop-out break into a mortuary, which harbors a serial killer.



Director: J. Searle Dawley
: Mary Shelley (novel), J. Searle Dawley
Release Date
: March 18th, 1910 (USA)

Frankenstein, a young medical students, trying to create the perfect human being, instead creates a misshapen monster.

Made ill by what he has done, Frankenstein is comforted by his fiancée but on his wedding night he is visited by the monster. A fight ensues but the monster, seeing himself in a mirror...


Green River

Director: Sam Taybi
: Justin Beaupre, Andrew Cappelletti (story)
: Kristina Hughes, Danielle Franke and Bruce Peterson
Release Date
: May 8th, 2008 (USA)

There is no turning back. Whether we trust our friends, others or ourselves our decision determines the fate of the future. Green River's story deals with the agonizing truth of the actions we take in times of crisis.
Grey Knight

Director: George Hickenlooper
: Matt Greenberg
: Corbin Bernsen, Adrian Pasdar and Ray Wise

Slave traders bring back evil voodoo entity that is accidently freed by the Confederate army during the Civil War.

The entity possesses the bodies of the dead soldiers to create an army of its own bent on conquest, using the corpses of both the North and South.
Horror Express

Director: Eugenio Martín
: Arnaud d'Usseau (screenplay), Julian Zimet (screenplay) (originally as Julian Halevy)
: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Alberto de Mendoza
Release Date
: January 1974 (USA)

An English anthropologist has discovered a frozen monster in the frozen wastes of Manchuria which he believes may be the Missing Link.

He brings the creature back to Europe aboard a trans-Siberian express, during the trip the monster thaws out and starts to butcher the passengers one by one.

Horror Hotel

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
: George Baxt (screenplay), Milton Subotsky (story)
: Patricia Jessel, Dennis Lotis and Christopher Lee
Release Date
: September 12th, 1961 (USA)

A young coed (Nan Barlow) uses her winter vacation to research a paper on witchcraft in New England. Her professor recommends that she spend her time in a small village called Whitewood. He originally came from that village so he also recommends she stay at the "Raven's Inn," run by a Mrs. Newlis. She gets to the village and notices some weird happenings...

Horrors of Spider Island

Director: Fritz Böttger
: Fritz Böttger, Eldon Howard
: Alexander D'Arcy, Barbara Valentin and Rainer Brandt
Release Date
: March 1962 (USA)

Survivors of a plane crash on a remote island find it is covered by spiders. When bitten, the survivors start turning into spiders!
House on Haunted Hill

Director: William Castle
: Robb White
: Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart and Richard Long
Release Date
: February 17th, 1959 (USA)

Eccentric millionaire Fredrick Loren and his 4th wife, Annabelle, have invited 5 people to the house on Haunted Hill for a "haunted House" party. Whoever will stay in the house for one night will earn ten thousand dollars each. As the night progresses, all the guests are trapped inside the house with ghosts, murderers, and other terrors.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Director: Wallace Worsley
Writers: Victor Hugo (novel), Perley Poore Sheehan (adaptation)
Stars: Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller and Norman Kerry
Release Date: September 6th, 1923 (USA)

In fifteenth century Paris, the brother of the archdeacon plots with the gypsy king to foment a peasant revolt. Meanwhile, a freakish hunchback falls in love with the gypsy queen.
Invisible Ghost

Director: Joseph H. Lewis
: Helen Martin (story), Al Martin (story)
: Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young and John McGuire
Release Date
: April 25th, 1941 (USA)

The town's leading citizen becomes a homicidal maniac after his wife deserts him.
THE PHANTOM KILLER STRIKES! Only a terrified woman knows the secret of this ghostly murderer...who strikes in the night and leaves no clues---but his victims!
June 9

Director: T. Michael Conway
: T. Michael Conway
: Jon Ray, Trevor Williams and Maggie Blazunas
Release Date
: June 9th, 2008 (USA)

What happened on june 9? On a search for some harmless fun at the end of the school year, 17 year-old Derek boggman led his friends on a mischievous journey of caught-on-camera pranks. But on their quest to find even bigger thrills, something else found them first. The "Boston Mills 5" were never heard from again...

Masters of Horror - Imprint

Director: Takashi Miike
: Mick Garris (creator), Daisuke Tengan (teleplay)
: Youki Kudoh, Michié and Toshie Negishi
Original Air Date
: April 7th, 2006

Christopher is a young American journalist who ventures to Japan to search for the Japanese prostitute he loved and abandoned years earlier. But when he ventures to an island off the coast, he sees that human demons and whores rule the land where a deformed courtesan awaits his arrival...

Night of the Living Dead

Director: George A. Romero
: John A. Russo (screenplay), George A. Romero (screenplay)
: Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea and Karl Hardman
Release Date
: October 1st, 1968 (USA)

The radiation from a fallen satellite might have caused the recently deceased to rise from the grave and seek the living to use as food. This is the situation that a group of people penned up in an old farmhouse must deal with.

Director: F.W. Murnau
: Henrik Galeen
: Max Schreck, Greta Schröder and Ruth Landshoff
Release Date
: June 3rd, 1929 (USA)

Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter's wife. Silent classic based on the story "Dracula."

Phantom From Space

Director: W. Lee Wilder
: William Raynor (screenplay), Myles Wilder (screenplay)
: Ted Cooper, Tom Daly and Steve Acton
Release Date
: May 15th, 1953 (USA)

An alien being with the power of invisibility lands in Santa Monica. Killing two people who attacked him due to the menacing appearance of his spacesuit, the creature takes it off while being pursued by government authorities.

Director: Carl Bessai
: Julian Clarke (story), Travis McDonald (story)
: Paul Campbell, Sarah Lind and Julian Christopher

A multi-national forestry company engages in genetic experimentation to increase logging yield in a remote section of forest. But the experimentation goes disastrously wrong, transforming a disparate group of loggers and environmental activists into the "infected" -- ravenous, zombie-like creatures who prey upon the few terrified survivors while they attempt to understand and control the disaster...

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Director: Joseph Green
: Rex Carlton (original story), Joseph Green (original story)
: Jason Evers, Virginia Leith and Leslie Daniels
Release Date
: August 10th, 1962 (USA)

A doctor experimenting with transplant techniques keeps his girlfriend's head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.
The Demon Within

aka The Sculptress

: Ian Merrick
: Ian Merrick
: Jeff Fahey, Patrick Bauchau and Katie Wright

A young artist follows her passion to study at one of the finest art institutes in San Francisco.

The Ghost Train

Director: Walter Forde
: Marriott Edgar (dialogue), Val Guest (dialogue)
: Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch and Kathleen Harrison
Release Date
: May 3rd, 1941 (UK)

Mismatched travellers are stranded overnight at a lonely rural railway station. They soon learn of local superstition about a phantom train which is said to travel these parts at dead of night, carrying ghosts from a long-ago train wreck in the area. The travelers eventually get to the bottom of the things that go bump in the night...
The Hideous Sun Demon

Directors: Robert Clarke, Tom Boutross
: E.S. Seeley Jr. (screenplay), Doane R. Hoag (additional dialogue)
: Robert Clarke, Patricia Manning and Nan Peterson

After exposure to radiation, an atomic research scientist finds himself changing into a murderous, lizard-like creature every time he is exposed to sunlight.

The House By The Cemetery

Director: Lucio Fulci
: Elisa Briganti (story), Lucio Fulci (screenplay)
: Catriona MacColl, Paolo Malco and Ania Pieroni
Release Date
: March 1st, 1984 (USA)

A deranged killer lives in the basement of an old mansion and pops out occasionally to commit grisly murders that include be-headings, ripped throats, and stabbings with a fireplace poker. The killer needs fresh body parts to rejuvenate his cells. He also has maggots for blood.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Directors: Clyde Geronimi, Jack Kinney
: Winston Hibler, Washington Irving (story)
Release Date
: 1949 (USA)

In a small town, a brewing romantic rivalry with a local tough and a schoolteacher culminates in a terrifying ride in the night.

The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

Director: Anthony Lucas
: Mark Shirrefs, Anthony Lucas (story)
: Joel Edgerton, Helmut Bakaitis and Tommy Dysart

Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.
The Stranger

Director: Orson Welles
: Anthony Veiller (screenplay), Victor Trivas (adaptation)
: Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson and Loretta Young
Release Date
: May 25th, 1946 (USA)

An investigator from the War Crimes Commission travels to Connecticut to find an infamous Nazi.

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
: Sheridan Le Fanu (based on a book by), Christen Jul (screenplay)
: Julian West, Maurice Schutz and Rena Mandel
Release Date
: May 6th, 1932 (Germany)

A traveler obsessed with the supernatural visits an old inn and finds evidence of vampires.


Director: Kinji Fukasaku
: Kôji Takada (screenplay), Kinji Fukasaku (screenplay)
: Masao Kusakari, Tsunehiko Watase and Isao Natsuyagi
Release Date
: June 26th, 1980 (Japan)

A military-engineered virus, released during a plane crash, kills the entire human population. The only survivors are scientists in Antarctica, who desperately try to find a cure and save what is left of the planet from further destruction.

White Zombie

Director: Victor Halperin
: Garnett Weston (dialogue), Garnett Weston (story)
: Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy and Joseph Cawthorn
Release Date
: August 4th, 1932 (USA)

A young man turns to a witch doctor to lure the woman he loves away from her fiance, but instead turns her into a zombie slave.

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