Paranormal Challenge
Evidence that Ghosts Walk Among Us

Paranormal Challenge
Evidence that Ghosts walk Among us

Paranormal Challenge is an American paranormal competitive reality spinoff television series that premiered on June 17, 2011 on the Travel Channel.

The series was created and is hosted by Ghost Adventures 'lead investigator' Zak Bagans, who challenges ghost hunters from all over the country to go head-to-head in a weekly ghost hunting competition to gather paranormal evidence by spending a night in haunted locations in the United States.

"For years people have searched for evidence that ghosts walk among us. The series pits two teams against each other in the world's most haunted locations in a competition to find proof of the paranormal."

Then a panel of judges made up of paranormal experts evaluate the two teams after they have collected and analyzed their possible findings to determine a winner.

"Two teams. One night. One haunted location. One winner. For the ultimate in bragging rights. Paranormal Challenge."

Teams will conduct their investigations simultaneously at different ends of the location with time constraints.

They have 2 hours to complete part one of their investigation. They will then switch locations and continue for 2 more hours in part two.

Each team will be assigned: one camera operator, one sound technician to chronicle their investigations. Both areas are equipped with several stationary cameras allowing Zak and the judges to watch the teams every move from a secret nerve center location.

New episodes air on Fridays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on the Travel Channel.