Grey Knight - The Killing Box (1993)
An Entity that Possesses the Bodies of Dead Soldiers

Grey Knight - The Killing Box (1993)

Slave traders bring back an evil voodoo entity that is accidentally freed by the Confederate army during the Civil War.

The entity possesses the bodies of the dead soldiers to create an army of its own bent on conquest, using the corpses of both the North and South.

During the Civil War, a Union soldier is recruited to investigate a series of crucifixions by a renegade band of Confederate Soldiers.

He enlists the help of his old mentor and a mute runaway slave girl, the only witness to the renegade band's attacks.

With the addition of some trigger happy Yankee's the brigade is complete. They soon realize however they are not hunting ordinary Confederates. The men have fallen victim to an African curse; they cannot die, despite all the Union's firepower.

The Union brigade eventually becomes the hunted and soon is surrounded by the haunted ghost brigade without any means to defend themselves.

Their fate seems certain when they realize the Confederates can't tolerate silver or cross any bodies of water.