Severed: Forest of the Dead (2005)
Zombies and a Gruesome Tale of Horror

Severed: Forest of the Dead (2005) - A group of young environmental activists become infected, ravenous, unstoppable zombies when a forestry company's genetic experimentation goes disastrously wrong. Sheer terror can't pump enough adrenaline through these bodies to help them out of this remote forest in this gruesome tale of horror. Severed stands heads (and other body parts) above the rest!

"From the producers that brought you Slither, House of the Dead, and White Noise."

Starring: Paul Campbell, Sarah Lind, Julian Christopher, JR Bourne

Directed by: Carl Bessai
Produced by: Andrew Boutilier, Cynthia Chapman
Written by: Carl Bessai, Travis McDonald, Julian Clarke

In a remote Canadian forest, a group of protesters raise a manifestation against the deforesting.

When one worker uses his chainsaw to saw a large tree, its sap drops on his body and he immediately becomes a zombie.

When the senior management of the company does not receive any information about the production, the owner and chairman sends his son Tyler to the location to investigate what is happening.

Tyler sees both the protester's camp and the sawmill completely abandoned and sooner he finds that the area is surrounded by zombies.

He meets a group of survivors leaded by the foreman Mac, the protester Rita and the coward biologist Carter, and Carter explains that he was ahead of a genetic project to increase and improve the production of trees in the area, and the experiment unexpectedly had gone wrong transforming human beings into flesh-eater zombies.

Their fight for survival begins.