Ghost Trackers

Ghost Trackers - Could you last in a haunted house all by yourself, looking for ghosts? 12 kids compete through a series of investigations using paranormal research equipment to track ghosts in real haunted locations. In the end, only one will walk away with the title of "The Ultimate Ghost Tracker".

Ghost Trackers is a children's reality show on HBO that was previously aired on Discovery Kids Canada, & YTV.

Middle-school age contestants compete for the title of "top tracker" by investigating supposedly haunted places armed with "ghost tracking technology."

Previously hidden cameras record each contestant's progress as they measure changes in temperature and electromagnetic fields.

Their fellow trackers are able to watch and rate the performances, while sound effects and spooky music accompany stories of hauntings told by host Joe MacLeod.

The competition follows a standard bracket/elimination process, although wild-card trackers with high scores have the opportunity to jump back in during later rounds.