The Ghost Prophecies
The Haunted St. James Hotel

The Ghost Prophecies
The Haunted St. James Hotel

The St. James Hotel, located in historic downtown Cimarron, New Mexico, is a historic hotel, restaurant and bar. It is known for its legendary status of being haunted by the spirits of men murdered there in the 19th century during northeastern New Mexico's "wild west" days.

Today, guests can stay at the historic hotel, in either the historic section or in a modern addition. The hotel is in the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Cimarron Historic District.

In the pilot (and only) episode of The Ghost Prophecies, Chad Calek, founder of American Ghost Hunters Investigations and Paranormal State guest investigator, heads to Cimarron, New Mexico, along with his team, to investigate the notoriously haunted St. James Hotel.

The St. James Hotel, built in 1872, was frequently visited spot by historic figures, such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Wyatt Earp.

At least 26 violet murders have occurred on the property, including former owner Thomas "TJ" Wright, who won the hotel in a poker game.

Right was shot in the back and made his way to room 18, where he later died of massive blood loss. It is said that he haunts the room, which has been padlocked since 1984, due to the belief of Wright's ghost being able to kill.

Just before the room was sealed, several people reportedly all died with several days of their stay in room 18.

The St. James was first built in 1872, on the recommendation of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, by Henri (later Henry) Lambert, personal chef to President Abraham Lincoln.

Lambert moved west and settled in Elizabethtown, New Mexico, with hopes of making a wealthy strike.

When he found little gold, he opened a restaurant and saloon. At this time, Elizabethtown, Cimarron, and much of the surrounding area was owned by Lucien B. Maxwell and was a part of the huge Maxwell Land Grant.

Maxwell enticed Lambert to come to Cimarron, whereupon he founded the Lambert Inn (later to become the St. James).

In its day, the St. James was visited by many famous lawmen and notorious outlaws and was the scene of many murders.

A favorite saying in the area became "It appears Lambert had himself another man for breakfast." and the usual question around Cimarron was "Who was killed at Lambert's last night?".

A few of the well-known people who stayed at the St. James were: Wyatt Earp, his brother Morgan, and their wives on their way to Tombstone, Arizona, Jesse James, who always stayed in Room 14, Clay Allison, Black Jack Ketchum, Buffalo Bill Cody (Who took an entire village of Indians living nearby on the road with his show), and Annie Oakley.

In 1901, when Henry Lambert's sons replaced the roof of the St. James, they found many bullet holes. A double layer of hard wood stopped anyone sleeping upstairs from being killed. Today, the dining room ceiling still holds some twenty bullet holes.

The St. James fell into disrepair after the railroad came through and effectively killed the Santa Fe trail, as the gold in the area moreover dwindled. From 1926—1985, the hotel passed from owner to owner, but in 1985 it was restored to its former glory.

In January 2009 the hotel was purchased by the Express UU Bar Ranch; a property of Express Ranches (headquartered in Yukon, Oklahoma). Following extensive renovations where the formal dining room and bar were merged into one large area and the outside deck and lawn became a walled-in courtyard and patio complete with a fountain, the hotel was re-opened on June 22, 2009.