Deville's House
Ghost Hunters

Deville's House (Ghost Hunters) - Grant gets a call from Pam at Southern Louisiana Ghost Hunters (SLGH), a part of the TAPS family. She tells him about Bruce, who can't bring dates home because a ghost acts up when he's with a woman. She asks the TAPS team to come to Louisiana to investigate.

When the team arrives, they meet with Pam and Michelle, another investigator from SLGH. They explain that a jealous spirit, which has slammed doors and knocked things off the wall, got into bed with Bruce and pushed Pam, as well.

At the house, located on a sugarcane plantation, Bruce shows everyone his sister's bedroom, where he's seen shadows coming in from the hallway and heard male and female voices. Pam shows them a room where she has talked in Cajun with a girl's spirit.

TAPS volunteer Kristyn volunteers to stay with Bruce to provoke the spirit, but when she's in the house she feels something staring at her and decides she doesn't want to be there without another TAPS member. Bruce calls another woman to help as TAPS sets up.

Brian Harnois, Steve Gonsalves and Michelle look for the girl's spirit, calling her name and speaking Cajun. Steve and Brian get tingly feelings and feel like they're going to drop through the floor. Steve sees a shadow and Michelle gets a strong EMF reading in the room.

There is no activity surrounding Bruce and his friend Ashley, so Jason and Grant switch her with Pam, but nothing happens.

Jen and Brian review footage and see something without a shadow open and shut a door. When Jason and Grant return to Bruce's house, they investigate; Jason thinks that there are too many factors, including the humidity, to say what caused the door to move.

After looking at the footage with Grant and Bruce, Jason concludes that the wind wasn't moving the door. Jason and Grant recommend that Bruce ask the spirit to hang back when he has women over.