Goldfield Hotel
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Goldfield Hotel (Ghost Adventures)

Goldfield, Nevada is a boomtown which started because of the discovery of gold within the area between 1903 to 1940.

The Goldfield Hotel is said to be haunted by many spirits but the most famous spirit is Elizabeth who was a prostitute.

The story claims that the Hotel owner named George Wingfield was very fond of Elizabeth and when he found out that she was carrying another mans unborn child he was furious.

He was so furious that it is reported that he chained her to a radiator in room 109 of the Goldfield hotel.

She apparently stayed there until giving birth to her child and George Wingfield then took the baby and threw it down an abandoned mineshaft.

Elizabeth vanished mysteriously afterwards, she might have been let loose or George Wingfield may have killed her. To this day there are many strange sightings and reports in room 109 at the Goldfield Hotel.

The town's four-story Goldfield Hotel opened in 1908 and was reported to be the most spectacular hotel in Nevada at the time. At the opening of the hotel, champagne flowed down the front steps in the opening ceremony.

The rooms were outfitted with pile carpets, many with private baths, and the lobby was trimmed in mahogany, with black leather upholstery and gilded columns.

It also featured an elevator and crystal chandeliers. The hotel ceased operations in 1946, but the abandoned building remains. The building was used in the 1971 movie Vanishing Point as the site of Super Soul's radio station, KOW.

At the 2003 Goldfield Days auction, the Goldfield Hotel was sold to Red Roberts, a rancher and engineer from Carson City.

Roberts has plans to refurbish the bottom two floors of the four-story hotel and open them to the public. As of October 2009, the hotel renovations remained uncompleted.

The Goldfield Hotel was built in the boomtown of Goldfield, Nevada. The hotel was constructed at the site where two previous wooden hotels had stood. Both the earlier hotels burned down in major fires in 1905 and 1906.