Poveglia Island
Ghost Adventures

Off the Coast of Venice, Italy
Poveglia Island (Ghost Adventures) - Poveglia Island, off the coast of Venice, Italy, is one of the world's darkest epicenters. According to legend, the island was formed from the ashes of burned plague victims, criminals and mental patients who were exiled there.

In recent times, some legends have arisen about the island.

According to legend, during Roman times it was used to isolate thousands of plague victims, and during the three occasions when the Black Death spread through Europe, the island was effectively used as a lazaretto  and plague pit - it was considered an efficient way of keeping the infected people separated from the healthy.

The soil on the Poveglia island, combines with the charred remains of the bodies, formed a layer of sticky ash on the land

According to this version, over 160,000 people died on the island throughout its history. It should be noted that the island used in 1576 to accommodate those hit by the plague was not Poveglia, but Lazzaretto Nuovo.

Another legend surrounds a building erected in 1922 on the island, which was used for various purposes, including usage as a mental hospital. The legend states that a particular mental health doctor tortured and butchered many of the patients, before going "mad" and jumping to his death from the bell tower.

According to that same legend, he survived the fall, but was 'strangled by a mist that came up from the ground'. Its ruins remain to this day. The institution in question has been described as a retirement home, but evidence on the island shows that despite the controversy, at least part of the building housed mental patients.