The Winery at Marjim Manor
Ghost Hunters

Appleton, NY - Haunted Winery - Bottled Spirits
The Winery at Marjim Manor (Ghost Hunters)

Previous owners saw their wives die in the house from illness. And one owner accidentally shot and killed his son while another died under suspicious circumstances.

By 1933, the Sisters of St. Joseph became the new owners and used the estate for decades as a nuns' retreat, a camp for girls and a training school for the deaf.

Now, the winery has become a part of an eerie lore.

The current owner, Margo, has seen candelabras move on its own. She hears murmuring voices in the 2nd floor bedroom where she resides.

The apparitions of two men have been seen throughout the building. One is a young man in Victorian dress that some believe may be Louis Merritt, the man who was accidentally shot by his own father.

The other apparition is that of a bearded man who is often spotted in the kitchen and many seem to think it is Dr. Ring, a former owner who mysteriously died.

One common experience that owners of the house have is the creepy feeling that they are not alone and are being watched intently.

The Haunted Winery in Marjim Manor, located in Appleton New York. Claims of objects moving, unexplained voices and the apparitions of two men have been witnessed within the building.