Popular Ghost Sightings on the News
Suspected Paranormal Events Captured on Camera

The paranormal has become quite a popular subject these days and while science overall doesn't recognize the paranormal, many people do. The belief in spirits of the dead is nothing new, it has been around for thousands of years now. Many people believe that spirits are either people that were once alive and are now dead or they are some form of demons.

While skeptics claim there is no evidence that the dead continue in another form, people who have had a paranormal experience claim that it is hard not to believe once you experience such an event.

Science in some ways is actually blind to certain things, it is unfortunate but science as a whole has a closed mind. The problem with science is the foundation is based on what is known, but science has a long way to go before it can explain many things in our world. It has more questions than answers.

Not too long ago the world was considered flat and our Earth was the center of the universe. To say otherwise could mean your death. For most people, seeing is believing. The following footage is paranormal events that have been captured on camera and shown on mainstream media.

Incredible Ghost Baffles Experts in Tantallon Castle in Fife

Sky News

This Ghost was captured in a castle in Scotland. Experts are Baffled by it. The scary shot was unearthed during the biggest ever investigation into photographic evidence of ghosts. 

The picture, taken in May last year, shows a spectral figure in fifteenth century dress peering out of a barred window at Tantallon Castle in Fife. The figure appears to be in period costume, but we know 100 per cent that Tantallon Castle is not the sort of place that has dummies or costumed guides; they just dont go in for that sort of thing. 

I suppose it could be a visitor looking a little bit strange. Perhaps someone will come forward. Another possibility is an odd reflection of sunlight, but it does look very like a person. The explanation is not obvious? 

Tantallon Castle, a ruined fortress dating back to the 14th century, stands on a remote rocky headland near North Berwick on the East coast of Scotland. It was badly damaged in an attack by Oliver Cromwells forces in 1651.

Christopher Aitchison, who took the photo, said: "I was not aware of anyone, or anything, being present in my picture." Psychologist Prof Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, who has made many studies of the supernatural, launched the investigation a month ago. 

Members of the public were asked to submit ghostly images for experts to analyse, the best of which were posted on the website Science of Hauntings. More than 250 pictures were received from all over the world and more than a quarter of a million people voted for what they considered to be the most convincing photos

Ghost Child EVP

ABC7 Eyewitness News

Child EVP "I wanna hold" is played to a skeptic, Michael Shermer, in this short clip shown on ABC7 News. This is one of the best unbiased news reports involving the paranormal. This SOCALPRS EVP was recorded in Hollywood Forever Cemetery and has been featured in the Booth Brothers Children of the Grave.

Spooky! Haunting Photo Baffles Ghost Busters

Sky News

An eerie image of a figure in period costume has spooked experts investigating apparent photographic evidence of ghosts. The picture, taken in May 2008, appears to show a man or woman in a ruff peering out of a barred window at Tantallon Castle.

No mannequins or costumed guides are employed at the castle, and three photographic experts have confirmed that no digital trickery was used on the photo. Even confirmed ghost sceptic Professor Richard Wiseman, who led the study, admitted being puzzled.

"It is certainly very curious," he said. "We ran it by three photographic experts and they said it hadn't been Photoshopped at all.
"The figure appears to be in period costume, but we know 100% that Tantallon Castle is not the sort of place that has dummies or costumed guides - they just don't go in for that sort of thing."

Real Ghost Caught on Film at High School

CNN - Cable News Network

Surveillance video taken early last Friday morning (08/01/08) at Asheville High School shows something strange. School officials aren't sure what it is, but some are saying it's some type of ghost or apparition, caught on tape. The video clearly shows something moving about in the school's rotunda.

"Basically we've had a lot of people look at it," said City Schools spokesman, Charlie Glazener. "Word spread and the term ghost has been thrown around but that's really not what we think it is, but it's not explainable. Bottom line is, it's not explainable. We think it's interesting; we don't think Asheville High school is haunted and we don't want parents or students to be alarmed.

But a local expert in the paranormal says she's not ruling out anything.
"That definitely is paranormal activity," said Beth Strickland. "You can definitely rule out lighting there because you can see the movement and the shadow and the mist and it definitely came to form." It's just the latest ghost story in a town know for its apparitions.

Central Ohio Ghost Squad at the Twin City Opera House


WHIZ TV news story on the Central Ohio Ghost Squad (COGS) at the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio, one of the most haunted locations in Ohio. Eric Glosser and Marty Myers takes the news crew through the Opera House.

Possible Ghost In Ohio Gas Station

CNN - Cable News Network

Customers at an Ohio gas station are spooked by what a lot of people are claiming is a ghost on surveillance video. A strange blue cloud seen floating and darting around customers, freezing for 30 minutes and then speeding from an Ohio gas station, remains unexplained even though it was caught on security cams.
WOIO Lynna Lai reports.

EVP Session Live on TV News

11 News

Rich Smith, of Paranormal Investigations of Texas, takes a TV news crew on a ghost EVP field trip and supervises as the newscaster collects his own EVP ghost voices.

Strange Object Caught on a Gym's Security Camera

CNN - Cable News Network

A strange object was caught on a security camera located in a gym. The motion sensors kicked the security cameras into action and the security company could not explain what was being witnessed on camera. The security company claimed that bugs, dust and headlights could not activate the motion sensors. No rational explanation was provided to explain what was seen on camera.