Ghost Mother
Highway Vision

Ghost Mother (Unsolved Mysteries)
Highway Vision of a Spirit

Unsolved Mysteries footage of a ghost sighted on the side of a road after a car accident. Is it possible that a ghost of a mom that died in a car accident got help for her son so he would not die?

On Highway 50 on June 9th, 1994, Christine Skubish fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road. She died instantly, but her son Nick miraculously survived the crash. The car crashed into a deep ravine and was not visible to other travelers, so rescue for the boy seemed hopeless.

Five days passed, and the crash scene was still not found by the authorities. Then, late at night, a couple named the Hoyts were traveling on highway 50.

Debra Hoyt suddenly saw something shocking. She saw a nude woman laying on the side of the road. She was horrified when she saw this, and she told her husband her concerns. 

They pulled off at the next exit to call the police. The Hoyts directed the police to the location where she remembered seeing the woman laying by the side of the road.

They found a child's shoe not far from there, and another shoe down an embankment. The policemen searched the woods below the highway, where they found the car wreck.

Christine Skubish was dead at the scene, but her son was still alive and could talk to the policemen. Rescue teams were called in and the boy was removed from the wreckage. Had Christine Skubish come back from the dead to save her son?

Did she appear to the two motorists up on the highway with an urgent purpose: to direct them to to the wreck so help could be summoned?

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