Wicklow's Historic Gaol
Ghost Hunters International

Wicklow's Historic Gaol (Ghost Hunters International)

Ghost Hunters International returns for the first investigation of Season 2! The team makes its way to Ireland, to check out Wicklow Gaol, a prison constructed in 1702 that once housed some 780 prisoners during the Great Famine.

It's now a museum, but reports have been made of people being pushed or touched by unseen forces, seeing blood on the floor, and witnessing strange shadows and mists. Needless to say, the team is excited.

Before they arrive, though, Robb takes the time to introduce new team member Ashley Godwin. Ashley is another Florida Ghost Team alumni who believes that physics and science can explain a lot of what's chalked up as supernatural. Still, she admits there are things science can't explain, and is looking forward to the investigation.

When the GHI team arrives at the Gaol, they are greeted by museum curator Marie Comerford. She offers up a tour of the grounds, including a basement "School Room" in which children born in the prison were taught, a solitary confinement cell in which at least one elderly prisoner died, the upstairs church, and the main cell block, in which Marie is sure she once saw a strange mist.

The briefing complete, the investigation begins. Almost immediately, they start hearing noises as they investigate the prison's various cells. A particularly spooky moment transpires when Ashley and Barry, in the main cell block, and Dustin, in the basement's solitary confinement cell, hear a door banging shut. Continuing his investigation in solitary, Dustin hears a voice over his left shoulder while sitting against a wall.

The building of Wicklow Gaol commenced in 1702 and was completed within a few years.

The earliest recorded prisoner was Fr. Owen Mc Fee, a seventy two year old priest, who was convicted of saying Mass in the County contrary to the law.

Meanwhile, Brandy's upstairs in the church, and seeing lights where no lights should be. She goes on to see even more light in the main cell block, and at one point feels something or someone tugging on her right hand  a sensation similar to a tug on the leg Ashley felt earlier in the night while setting up cameras with Barry.

Joe and Robb, meanwhile, continue to encounter strange noises throughout the Gaol. In Cell 12, where an American visitor once fainted after feeling as if someone were choking her, they become a bit spooked when their audio amplifying headphones pick up noises they can't pinpoint.

They then move on to the basement school, where Robb attempts to provoke the spirits of children by testing them with math questions. He's unsuccessful, but later, Dustin and Barry have more luck when Dustin feels a tugging on a pocket of his coat in which he's carrying candy. Schoolchildren like candy better than math? Who knew?

With the investigation wrapped, the team retires to examine its evidence. EVP bears the first fruit, as Brandy hears something that sounds like "rights" or "rice" on Joe and Robb's recordings. Ashley also isolates the noise Dustin heard when he was in solitary. Barry, however, gets the biggest shock when his camera equipment reveals movement in the main cell block, which was empty at the time.

Dustin and Robb show the evidence to Marie and render their official opinion that the location is haunted, much to the relief of the curator, who is happy to see her experiences validated. Happy to have offered relief to a client, and pleased with Ashley's first mission, the team drives off into the sunset and toward even more supernatural adventures.