Haunted Lighthouses of America
The Romance and Intrigue of Haunted Lighthouses

Haunted Lighthouses of America
The Romance and Intrigue of Haunted Lighthouses

Historical detail and local color add to the romance and intrigue of haunted lighthouses.

From the lighthouses of Yaquina Bay and Heceda Head to the lighthouses of Owl's Head and Fairport Harbor, follow the ghost stories that enliven these keeps.

Filming locations this summer have included Florida’s Pensacola Lighthouse, Oregon’s Yaquina Bay and Heceta Head lights, Owls Head and Prospect Harbor lighthouses in Maine, and Fairport Harbor Light in Ohio.

Producer George Steitz of Impact TV readily admits to an ulterior motive behind his programs about lighthouse ghosts.

“I hope to stir a few imaginations, especially in younger people,” he says. “I hope someone will want to find out more about what they see in the show, not necessarily ghosts, but about American history, customs, travel, lighthouses — especially early lighthouse life.”

Steitz says his objective is for the program to be “chilling and evocative” rather than scary. “What we do is fun,” says Steitz, “and I hope viewers are aware what a great time it is and how much we enjoy the adventure.”

What’s new in this edition? “I’ve tried to pick up the pace a bit,” says Steitz, “and include more lighthouses and more stories.”

Some interviewees, like historians Elinor De Wire and William O. Thomson, will be familiar to lighthouse buffs.

Also appearing are a number of people who have experienced odd goings-on at the light stations, including one at Pensacola that Steitz describes as “one of the most chilling accounts of a strange experience that I’ve ever heard.”

Steitz was never a ghost enthusiast before, but says that producing the programs has gotten him “into the spirit, so to speak.”

His interest in finding and sharing the stories has increased. “I think it’s because legends about ghosts are so closely connected to the actual history and character of the lighthouses,” he explains, “intertwined with stories about early lighthouse life, for example. 

Like most legends, nearly every one we feature has some basis in real history.”

The bottom line for Steitz is education. “If someone visits a lighthouse as a result of one of these shows, or goes to a bookstore, library or the internet to do some exploring, I’ll be satisfied.”

Haunted Lighthouses are often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former Lighthouse keepers or were familiar with the property surrounding the Lighthouse.

Supernatural activity inside Lighthouses is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the lighthouses past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide.