Star Island
Ghost Hunters

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Star Island (Ghost Hunters) - The team heads to New Hampshire to investigate Star
Island, which was first settled in the 1600s and used as a commercial port in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is now used as a resort and many of the guests and employees have reported experiences of paranormal activity.

A fisherman and his family used cottage E in the 1600s. One day, the fisherman's wife told their son to play outside and when they found him later he had fallen, broken his neck and died.

Current guests in the cottage report falling down the steps and feeling small hands on their backs. The curator has heard people and objects rummaging around in the Vaughn Cottage, which is the island museum and also serves as her office.

Yet when she goes to investigate the noises, there is no visible culprit to be found. In the Oceanic Hotel, employees complain that it sounds like furniture moving around in the attic, yet there are no objects in there.

Jason and Grant begin their investigation on the second floor of the hotel using the thermal imaging camera. At first they are startled by what they think is a figure manifesting on the camera, but they later find that it was just a wood panel in the room.

In cottage E, Kris, Amy and guest hunter Kristyn Gartland investigate whether or not the steps are off-kilter, which could give people the illusion that they are being pushed up the steps. Using a small level, the hunters found that each step was slanted in various directions and this is the likely cause of what people are experiencing.

Later on Jason and Grant carry their investigation over to the museum where they hear banging and scratching noises coming from the vault area near the curators office.

The town and the island flourished until the American Revolutionary War when the colonials ordered the Shoals evacuated, believing that having a group of questionable loyalty just off the coast posed a threat.

Many shoalers abandoned their island homes shortly thereafter.

Yet when they open the door, they find that there is nothing inside, besides artifacts. The eeriness continues when the vault door closes on its own. There is no open window or any other wind flow near, so the occurrence seems to be the result of paranormal activity. Steve and Dave investigate the fourth floor of the hotel and the attic where people have complained about sounds of furniture moving.

Upon thoroughly surveying the area, the ghost hunters notice some animal droppings and skeletal remains, which leads them to believe that the sounds people were hearing in the attic were most likely caused by mice and rats.

After debunking all of the information they found while investigating, the ghost hunters found that the Star Island is haunted particularly the museum area.